Octopus-inspired ink changes colour when exposed to light

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The ink could 1 time beryllium utilized to supply automatic camouflage by turning greenish successful forests and sand-coloured successful deserts

By Alex Wilkins

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Octopuses tin alteration colour to lucifer their surroundings

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An ink that changes colour erstwhile exposed to light, for illustration an octopus does to lucifer its surroundings, could 1 time beryllium utilized for automatic camouflage.

Most colour-changing inks and materials usage chemic reactions, but these tin beryllium unstable and difficult to control. Instead, octopuses usage typical muscles to push coloured ink particles to nan aboveground of their skin.

Now, Jinyao Tang astatine nan University of Hong Kong and his colleagues person developed an ink that tin likewise show different colours by moving dyed particles successful consequence to light exposure. The ink is made up of particles of titanium dioxide, each pinch different dyes and varying ray responses, arranged successful a solution.

When ray from a modular projector is shone connected worldly containing nan ink, a chemic gradient causes immoderate ink particles to emergence to nan aboveground and others to fall. “Like pinch lipid and water, [the particles] abstracted and float to nan top, and that is because they’re coloured,” says Tang. “You tin alteration their colours accordingly and they mimic immoderate nan colour you’re really shooting connected them.”

Tang and his squad formulated their ink pinch 3 colours – cyan, magenta and yellowish – utilized successful nan communal CMY colour scheme. They past utilized a modified projector to show semi-permanent images, specified arsenic children’s paintings, utilizing nan ink. They recovered that nan images stayed unchangeable for astir half an hr earlier nan ink remixed.

With further research, this could 1 time beryllium utilized to supply automatic camouflage. “In nan forest, everyplace is green, truthful your apparel aliases nan worldly should person that benignant of green-colour ray astir and past it becomes green,” says Tang. “Navigating nan desert, everyplace is yellow, past [the ink] becomes a yellowish colour.”

To beryllium utilized successful specified a setting, however, nan ink will request to support its desired colour for longer than half an hr earlier remixing, says Tang.

As nan ink rearranges itself without electricity, it could beryllium utilized successful a wide scope of applications, specified arsenic updating signs without requiring precocious amounts of energy, says James Hallett astatine nan University of Reading, UK. “[The ink] doesn’t person immoderate electrodes successful it, you conscionable person an outer root to alteration nan colour and group it successful place,” he says. “That adaptive octopus camouflage thought makes it acold much applicable than it would beryllium otherwise.”