Offset Reveals He's Not Related To Quavo or Takeoff

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Offset Not Related To Quavo, Takeoff

5/24/2023 10:57 AM PT

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For years, fans believed each 3 members of nan Migos rap group were related, but Offset is laying retired nan truth ... saying he's not related to Quavo and Takeoff astatine all.

Takeoff & Quavo

Offset precocious sat down for a caller interview pinch Variety, wherever he confirmed Quavo is successful truth Takeoff's uncle ... but nan long-believed conception Offset was Quavo's relative conscionable isn't true.

Still, Offset's sewage a beardown enslaved pinch Quavo and Takeoff ... Offset was a classmate of Quavo's erstwhile they were increasing up successful Georgia, pinch Offset hanging retired pinch Quavo and Takeoff erstwhile Offset was successful nan sixth grade. They each became heavy arsenic thieves and yet formed Migos.

In nan Variety interview, Offset gushes astir his past collab pinch Takeoff and his caller backmost tattoo honoring his precocious bandmate, but he gets affectional erstwhile asked astir Takeoff's shooting death and shuts down.

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