Oh, honey: No one told Davis Mills why the Texans took C.J. Stroud

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Davis Mills, Houston Texans. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

Davis Mills, Houston Texans. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

Davis Mills seems to deliberation nan Houston Texans person 2 quarterbacks, and not conscionable C.J. Stroud.

Eventually, personification will person to show Davis Mills why nan Houston Texans drafted C.J. Stroud.

The erstwhile five-star backmost coming retired of precocious schoolhouse played precisely 14 games for nan Stanford Cardinal earlier turning pro successful 2021. Stroud started 13 games for nan playoff-bound Ohio State Buckeyes conscionable past season. He was besides a two-time Heisman Trophy finalist and 1 of nan top quarterbacks to ever play successful Columbus. That is why nan Texans drafted him No. 2 overall!

Quarterbacks whitethorn do a amended occupation than anyone other blocking retired nan extracurricular noise, but oh, honey…

Davis Mills does not judge he's successful a mentorship domiciled for 2nd wide prime C.J. Stroud:

"I'm still competing for that starting job. I mean, since I was drafted into nan NFL I've been successful a competition. I don't deliberation thing is going to change."#WeAreTexans

— John Crumpler (@JohnHCrumpler) May 23, 2023

This isn’t immoderate Iowa Hawkeyes “you’re doing great, sweetie!” violative offensive crippled plan, but reference nan room mightiness beryllium almost arsenic important arsenic being capable to publication a defense. Just a thought…

Davis Mills says he is present to compete for Houston Texans QB occupation pinch C.J. Stroud

Look. Nothing has been easy for Mills since leaving Greater Atlanta Christian for Stanford. He was seen arsenic nan champion backmost successful authorities successful his precocious schoolhouse draught class, but only 1 of them will person a statue successful his name, image and likeness successful The Classic City. Stetson Bennett IV conscionable needs to postgraduate first… Mills went to Stanford and nan programme disintegrated nether Davis Shaw’s watch.

Getting drafted by nan Texans wasn’t going to beryllium easy. Mills had to switch nan champion backmost successful franchise history successful persona non grata Deshaun Watson. But he did person an opportunity, conscionable not a awesome one. Whether it beryllium David Culley aliases Lovie Smith, Mills is now connected his 3rd caput coach successful arsenic galore NFL seasons retired of Stanford. DeMeco Ryans is backmost successful Houston looking to alteration fortunes.

Coming retired of Ohio State, I position Stroud arsenic nan adjacent Derek Carr, a backmost tin of stabilizing a chaotic statement to immoderate degree, but ne'er afloat capable to flooded it. The Las Vegas Raiders person been that for complete 2 decades now, while Houston has had a ton of problems of late, and particularly since kicking Bill O’Brien to nan curb. Stroud, Ryans and others will look large challenges.

Although Mills could person staying powerfulness successful nan NFL because of his blue-chip traits coming out, he whitethorn person to judge he is going to beryllium a journeyman aliases a high-level backup going forward. There is thing incorrect pinch that, but he is not a franchise quarterback. If he was, Houston would person traded backmost from No. 2 and not drafted Stroud retired of Ohio State successful nan first place. A caller concept!

Overall, he tin conflict arsenic difficult arsenic he wants to during nan offseason programme and training camp, but Stroud is going to commencement astatine immoderate constituent this season, perchance moreover successful Week 1. Mills tin still person occurrence successful Houston and successful nan league, but he is not going to get nan use of nan uncertainty for illustration Stroud will successful this situation. It’s nan measurement she goes, and Mills is conscionable going to person to judge this fact.

Houston will only get retired of its ain measurement if everyone progressive starts pulling successful nan aforesaid direction.

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