Oli Marmol honored Hall-of-Fame Cardinals reporter in best way possible

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Oli Marmol, Cardinals (Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports)

Oli Marmol gave a proverbial motion toward a precocious Cardinals newsman pinch his attire connected Monday night.

Oli Marmol infrequently wears his afloat azygous while managing nan St. Louis Cardinals. On top, he typically dons a hoodie aliases a long-sleeve garment alternatively of nan jersey.

For immoderate of nan purists of nan game, that’s not right, but galore managers successful nan modern era person taken that attack pinch their attire, bringing nan afloat azygous retired solely for cardinal events for illustration nan postseason aliases Opening Day.

Marmol’s determination to not deterioration nan afloat azygous was thing that sportswriter and famed Cardinals newsman Rick Hummel would critique him for and propose he change. Hummel passed distant connected Saturday successful his St. Louis home, and Marmol’s attire was a clear motion to nan distinguished media member.

Oli Marmol respects nan azygous contented successful grant of Rick Hummel

Cardinals hit newsman John Denton pointed retired connected Twitter that Marmol wore nan afloat azygous connected Monday nighttime successful grant of Hummel.

Hall of Fame sports writer Rick Hummel ever believed managers should deterioration their afloat azygous & he fto #STLCards skipper Oli Marmol cognize it respective times.

Tonight, Marmol (37) is wearing his jersey — and not a hoodie — to grant The Commish, who passed distant this weekend. pic.twitter.com/FLNHDg9Mhk

— John Denton (@JohnDenton555) May 22, 2023

Speaking to Denton, here’s what Marmol said astir nan azygous choice:

“Once I sewage nan telephone telephone [informing maine of Hummel’s passing], it was beautiful clear to maine to make judge that I wore [the jersey] tonight,” Marmol said pinch a large grin crossed his face. “He ever asked maine to deterioration [the jersey], astatine slightest connected Opening Day… I was ace grateful of really overmuch clip he spent pinch maine — and he didn’t request to, but he ever made a constituent to do that,” Marmol added. “From clip to clip successful April, erstwhile we were struggling and going done a reliable time, he sent immoderate beautiful encouraging texts that meant a batch to me.”

As Denton points out, Hummel is simply a personnel of nan St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame and Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, and has besides won aggregate awards and recognitions from nan BBWA. He was wide respected for his efforts covering nan MLB and nan Cardinals successful particular.

Somewhat humorously, Hummel was known for unconventional attire choices of his own. Adam Wainwright’s connection honoring nan newsman successful ray of his passing noted his “goofy hats and mismatched pants,” which brought joyousness to nan pitcher.

Today is simply a sad time for me. St Louis mislaid a fable successful Rick Hummel. Always fair. Always successful a bully mood. Always wearing immoderate benignant of goofy chapeau and mismatched pants that made maine smile. The respect and spot he earned from players is simply a uncommon point successful our world https://t.co/j0GUl5cLbW

— Adam Wainwright (@UncleCharlie50) May 22, 2023

Hummel would person appreciated Marmol’s attire prime connected Monday, but from what we tin tell, astir apt besides reminded him he should person been dressing that measurement each along.

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