Only Three Pokémon Are Catchable In Every Game, But Not Pikachu

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One of nan first questions a Pokémon fan asks erstwhile a caller brace of games is announced is “Are my favourite ‘mons going to make nan trim this time?” While astir of nan mainline RPGs person allowed players to waste and acquisition their friends from 1 crippled to another, that’s go a overmuch much contentious point since Game Freak did distant pinch nan National Dex successful Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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So now, alternatively of knowing that your fave will subordinate you connected your travel to Pokémon League champion, it’s a morganatic question. It’s why I, contempt avoiding communicative spoilers, thin to look astatine Pokédex leaks up of clip to spot really galore of my thrust aliases dies make it to nan caller game. This is because moreover nan astir celebrated Pokémon aren’t ever guaranteed a spot astatine nan array successful each region. In fact, only 3 Pokémon person been successful astatine slightest 1 type of each game, and it’s astir apt not who you deliberation it is.

I can’t extremity reasoning astir what Pokemon are disposable successful each crippled aft seeing a TikTok from personification @ogio_go connected nan subject. While their video does person nan caveat of discussing Pokémon you tin “catch” successful nan games (as successful ones that are retired successful nan chaotic and obtained done battle, alternatively than a typical arena aliases sidequest), it does constituent retired that Pikachu, nan look of nan multibillion-dollar franchise isn’t obtainable successful each crippled without a waste and acquisition aliases event.

The logic nan small yellowish feline isn’t disposable successful each mainline crippled is nan logic a batch of Generation I Pokémon can’t declare nan title of Pokémon Featured In Every Mainline Game: 2010’s Black and White. While nan Generation V games are beautiful beloved successful hindsight, location was contention astatine motorboat because nan games were wholly made up of brand-new Pokémon, pinch older ones only obtainable done trading from erstwhile games. Pikachu was disposable done events, but arsenic acold arsenic being capable to find 1 successful nan wild? Black and White committed to nan spot and Pikachu wasn’t portion of nan main game.

What Pokémon are obtainable successful each mainline game?

So if nan headlining prima of nan franchise couldn’t make it into each game, who did? Well, for a bit, location was only 1 Pokémon who could declare that title: Magikarp. While astir Generation I Pokémon had to beryllium connected nan chair for Black and White, Magikarp is obtainable done a salesman connected Marvelous Bridge. Though you wouldn’t beryllium capable to scope nan span until you hit nan crippled (they really wanted you to play pinch nan less-than-stellar Gen V Pokémon), Magikarp and by extension, its improvement Gyarados, are disposable successful nan Unova region, making it nan only Pokémon you tin get successful astatine slightest 1 of each mainline brace of games.

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Magikarp is simply a typical lawsuit successful Black and White, but location were really 2 different Kanto region Pokémon obtainable successful each crippled done typical aliases roundabout means—until Sword and Shield. Psyduck and its improvement Golduck are besides disposable successful Unova. The confused, headache-ridden duck isn’t anyplace successful nan wild, but Golduck, oddly enough, is. You tin find nan evolved shape successful Route 11 aliases 14, but only aft you’ve completed immoderate of nan late-game battles. To get Psyduck, you’ll person to breed it, but technically, yes, Psyduck people appears successful much games than Pikachu.

Gif: The Pokémon Company / Legendary Pictures

While Psyduck is simply a beloved characteristic acknowledgment to nan anime, and is besides featured heavy successful nan Detective Pikachu movie, nan different Kanto Pokémon disposable successful each crippled is simply a small stranger. No, it’s not immoderate pesky cockroach of a Pokémon for illustration Zubat hiding successful each cave, it’s Magnemite, nan small metallic shot pinch an oculus and magnets attached to its side. You tin find these guys floating astir successful White Forest, a White-exclusive location that features a fistful of characters that only look depending connected really galore days it takes nan subordinate to scope nan forest. If Scientist Marie has taken up residence astatine White Forest, Magnemite will spawn successful chaotic Pokémon encounters, which is odd, because nan electric/steel Pokémon is typically seen successful business areas for illustration Power Plants. But because of this anomaly, Magnemite is besides successful much games than Pikachu.

The irony of Magnemite and Psyduck someway becoming accordant figures successful each mainline crippled is that they almost mislaid that title erstwhile Sword and Shield launched without nan National Dex. At first, neither Pokémon were disposable successful nan Switch games, but some were reinstated by DLC packs pinch nan Isle of Armor description , which launched 8 months aft nan guidelines games. This solidified Magnemite and Psyduck alongside Magikarp arsenic nan 3 Pokémon disposable successful astatine slightest 1 of nan mainline games for each 9 generations while nan prima of nan full franchise can’t moreover declare that. Black and White ruined nan small guy’s streak and these 3 weirdos are eating his lunch. Guess he’ll conscionable person to beryllium contented pinch nan fame, fortune, and starring domiciled successful nan anime.

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