Overpowered Tears Of The Kingdom Glitch Lets You One-Shot Enemies

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Tears of nan Kingdom injected a number of nosy mechanics into Breath of nan Wild’s return connected nan Zelda series. One specified was Fusing, nan expertise to meld items and weapons together to summation durability and onslaught strength. But glitch hunters person recovered an moreover much obscene measurement of fusing. Introducing “Zuggling,” a comparatively simply glitch that lets you harvester weapons to stack each of their bonuses, making you unstoppable pinch nan correct combination.

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The latest successful nan agelong moving bid of classical games, Tears of nan Kingdom has a remarkably robust physics strategy pinch dozens of items to manipulate, combine, and conscionable person nosy with. Players have already discovered a number of intended and unintended ways to maltreatment nan system, but yet much surgery methods are being discovered by ways of bugs and exploits. One specified method lets you fuse together arsenic galore weapons arsenic you want to move yourself into a stepping decease machine, tin of beating moreover nan mightiest of foes successful a azygous strike.

What is Zuggling in Tears of nan Kingdom?

Zuggling, wherever you utilization a bug pinch TotK’s inventory strategy to fuse weapons together, first started appearing connected nan net arsenic soon arsenic 4 days aft nan game’s May 12 merchandise date. GameSpot’s Max Blumenthal documented nan glitch connected Twitter, showing disconnected aggregate elemental attacks emanating from what mightiness look for illustration conscionable 1 weapon, but is really multiples of them fused together via a glitch.

When you’re not attacking, it simply looks for illustration Link has some a melee limb successful his hand, and connected his back. This effect persists aft sleeping, resting, and moreover accelerated travel, arsenic Echocolat demonstrates connected Twitter.

You tin spot nan bug utilized to fell a beautiful reliable opponents pinch conscionable 1 absurdly powerful deed from Gameniac’s YouTube channel:

How to ‘Zuggle’, aliases glitch weapons together successful Tears of nan Kingdom

Gameniac put together a YouTube video demonstrating really to do this glitch, and judge me, it’s beautiful easy to propulsion disconnected (I was capable to get it moving aft my first attempt). But arsenic pinch immoderate glitch aliases utilization for illustration this, location tin ever beryllium unexpected consequences, truthful do yourself a favour and make a cleanable prevention you tin autumn backmost to if thing goes wrong.

How this precisely useful is anyone’s guess, but you’ll request nan pursuing items: At slightest 5 aliases six bows, and aggregate weapons you want to combine. Start retired by placing your backmost against a wall. As documented successful Gameniac’s video, nan steps astatine Lookout Landing are a awesome place. Face nan camera and tie your limb pinch nan Y button.

Then deed + and navigate to your bows. Drop 5 aliases six of them. Navigate to your melee weapons inventory surface and prime nan limb you person equipped. Drop your equipped limb and past equip nan limb you wish to fuse it with. Then, arsenic accelerated arsenic you can, region and unpause. If nan limb you first dropped doesn’t return to your inventory, you’ve successfully done it.

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You should spot Link pinch 2 weapons, 1 connected his backmost and 1 his hand. Go up and plaything pinch it and, peculiarly if you person elemental weapons (or weapons pinch Zonai devices for illustration Flame and Beam Emitters fused to them), it will go evident if you’ve pulled it off.

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

In my experience, it feels for illustration fused (zuggled?) weapons tin harm each different erstwhile used. They break remarkably fast, moreover much truthful than I would’ve expected them from accustomed use. This is particularly nan lawsuit it seems erstwhile you’re utilizing elemental weapons. On nan different hand, you tin 1 changeable astir thing successful theory, truthful you mightiness not request that overmuch endurance to statesman with.

And yes, successful lawsuit you’re wondering, this useful correct now, aft nan May 19 patch, conscionable arsenic the point plagiarism glitch has remained untouched.

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