Packers OC reveals concerning plan for Jordan Love’s early development

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Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

The Green Bay Packers’ scheme for Jordan Love and nan new-look discourtesy is shockingly underdeveloped. 

Aaron Rodgers is nary longer a Green Bay Packer. That intends Jordan Love’s time has yet come.

The 24-year-old from Utah State, entering his 3rd NFL season, will return complete lead playmaking duties for 1 of football’s astir historical franchises. Love has appeared successful only 10 master games to date, but he was ever hailed arsenic nan chosen successor to Rodgers successful Green Bay.

A caller backmost mostly intends a caller crippled plan. Every QB has different skills and tendencies. Green Bay had nan luxury of forming its violative strategy astir 1 of nan top limb talents successful NFL history for nan past 14 years. This caller era will bring astir caller challenges: primarily, really to champion position Love for success.

Adam Stenavich, nan Packers’ violative coordinator, will beryllium nan superior sound successful Love’s receptor this season. As nan Packers cogwheel up for Love’s first extended tally pinch nan starters, 1 would expect them to person a elaborate scheme for really to utilize Love’s accomplishment group wrong nan offense. He has been pinch nan squad for 2 years, aft all. Well, you’d beryllium wrong.

The Packers evidently person nary actual scheme for Jordan Love

Speaking to nan Wisconsin State Journal, Stenavich said nan following:

“It’s benignant of trial-and-error [determining which parts of nan playbook are much compatible pinch Love’s style of play]. I deliberation nan preseason, that’s going to beryllium very important arsenic well… But conscionable going retired location [during OTAs], getting him astir each these young receivers and tight ends and moving pinch our vets and allowing him to put his activity connected there, put his stamp connected it [will beryllium valuable]. And past erstwhile we spot really it’s going, past you tin spell successful that direction.”

This isn’t nan astir encouraging connection for Green Bay fans. Love has been astir nan squad for 2 years; he has taken countless second-team reps successful believe and learned from 1 of nan top quarterbacks of each clip successful Rodgers. While it has been difficult to spot Love successful existent crippled action because of Rodgers, nan coaching unit shouldn’t beryllium playing catch-up here.

Preseason is nan clip for trial-and-error arsenic Stenavich notes, and it’s important to retrieve nan discourse of Love’s ascent into nan starting job. The Packers are afloat embracing nan younker movement, which includes nan wide receivers and tight ends connected nan roster. Love will not person a batch of familiarity will his targets to commencement nan season.

That said, to not cognize which parts of nan playbook are champion suited to Love’s accomplishment group is simply a worrying authorities of affairs. The Packers should person been processing nan Love crippled scheme for 2 years now; Rodgers is 39 years aged and he has been halfway retired nan doorway for a while.

There’s still logic to judge Love tin win arsenic Green Bay’s QB. He has immoderate talented violative pieces astir him, specified arsenic Pro Bowl moving backmost Aaron Jones and sophomore phenom Christian Watson astatine wide receiver. The Love-Watson relationship figures to beryllium a superior violative hub for nan Packers, and it’s bully that Love will beryllium capable to create successful lockstep his young violative teammates.

As for adjacent season, however, it’s adjacent to beryllium skeptical. The Packers and Love are owed for important increasing pains.

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