Patrick Mahomes Addresses Jackson Arrest, 'It's Kind Of A Personal Thing'

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Patrick Mahomes Addresses Jackson Arrest ... 'It's Kind Of A Personal Thing'

5/25/2023 7:39 AM PT

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is breaking his soundlessness connected his small brother's apprehension ... saying Wednesday, "It's benignant of a individual point that I'm going to support to myself."

The Kansas City Chiefs prima met pinch media members for nan first clip since Jackson Mahomes was deed pinch three aggravated intersexual battery charges stemming from an alleged February brushwood pinch a female ... and it wasn't difficult to spot nan backmost did not consciousness comfortable speaking astir it each publicly.

He told a newsman doubly that he wanted to support his feelings connected nan matter backstage ... saying he's going to do his champion going guardant to abstracted his family matters from his shot career.

"At nan extremity of nan day," nan QB told nan media member, "I travel present to play shot and effort to return attraction of my family, astatine nan aforesaid time."

jackson and patrick mahomes together

"So," he continued, "just benignant of support it to myself and conscionable spell retired location and play shot erstwhile I'm successful nan building."

The 27-year-old was past asked a broader mobility astir really he'd equilibrium it each going forward.

"It's your family," he said, "but you person to travel successful present and do a job. And that's what I effort to do each day."

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As we reported, Jackson was arrested connected May 3 ... aft a edifice proprietor alleged he grabbed her and forcibly kissed her aggregate times astatine her Kansas constitution 3 months ago. The younger Mahomes was besides accused of shoving a antheral personnel of her hold unit earlier successful nan evening.

February 2023

Jackson appeared successful tribunal for a proceeding connected nan matter connected May 16 ... but he's yet to rumor a plea connected nan charges.

The societal media star's attorney, though, did opportunity astatine nan clip of nan initial allegations backmost successful February that Jackson had done thing wrong.

Jackson Mahomes and his lawyer did not remark coming pursuing a enslaved mobility hearing.

He antecedently posted a $100,000 bond. A judge ruled Mahomes tin person interaction pinch 3 of 4 witnesses he requested support to contact.

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"Our investigation has revealed important grounds refuting nan claims of Jackson's accuser including nan statements of respective witnesses," Brandan Davies said. "We person reached retired to rule enforcement to supply nan consequence of our investigation truthful that they whitethorn person a complete image of nan matter."

Jackson is owed backmost successful tribunal successful August.

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