Patrick Mahomes doesn’t include himself on list of top-5 quarterbacks ever

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Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Patrick Mahomes is quickly ascending nan ranks of all-time quarterbacks, but he doesn’t put himself successful nan apical five… yet. 

Patrick Mahomes has accomplished much than your mean backmost by property 27. He’s a five-time Pro Bowler, a two-time MVP, and a two-time Super Bowl MVP. The Chiefs are nan astir intimidating violative unit successful football, and Mahomes is the statement champion quarterback moving today.

While Mahomes still has a agelong measurement to spell successful his NFL career, he is already approaching nan constituent of all-time greatness. Not galore quarterbacks who person spent 2 decades successful nan convention person résumés that tin stack up pinch Mahomes’ existent database of accomplishments. He’s a genuinely generational talent.

When asked to sanction nan 5 top QBs of each time, however, Mahomes wasn’t fresh to see his sanction conscionable yet.

Patrick Mahomes ranks top-5 quarterbacks of each time, doesn’t see himself

Asked by Ben Felderstein of Complex Sports, Mahomes gave his database of nan 5 top QBs — and went into item astir how, moreover successful a changing sport, he tin still study a awesome woody from nan past.

The list: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Joe Montana. The 5th spot, Mahomes said, is simply a conflict betwixt Dan Marino and John Elway. It’s difficult to find responsibility successful that list.

“… there’s immoderate awesome quarterbacks that played this crippled man, I’m conscionable trying to study from them because moreover though nan crippled has progressed, there’s still worldly successful nan past that helps you go a amended quarterback.”

Clearly Mahomes is still learning and growing. At 27 years old, he’s theoretically astatine nan beforehand extremity of his prime. He could get moreover better. On apical of nan ridiculous limb talent and elite mobility, Mahomes is 1 of nan smartest QBs successful nan game. He makes lightning-quick sounds and is tin of picking isolated a well-telegraphed defense, not dissimilar an Aaron Rodgers aliases Tom Brady.

The mobility connected everyone’s mind, of course, is what much does Mahomes person to execute earlier he joins nan esteemed ranks of Brady, Rodgers, and nan all-time greats astatine his position. When asked by Felderstein really galore Super Bowls he wants to win, Mahomes had a elemental answer: arsenic galore arsenic possible.

“As galore arsenic possible. I mean, they’re truthful difficult to win. Everybody’s going to opportunity you want to pursuit Brady and effort to get to 8 aliases whatever. I don’t cognize if I’m going to play until I’m 45, truthful I’m going to try… I’m going to play this crippled until I can’t play astatine a precocious level and effort to return attraction of my body. But I’ll effort to triumph arsenic galore arsenic possible. And I mean, you deliberation of 8 aliases immoderate Tom won, that seems crazy now, truthful I’ll return it 1 astatine a time, but I’ll effort to triumph arsenic galore arsenic I can.”

Mahomes mightiness not play until he’s 45, but he has a batch of shot near successful nan tank. The Chiefs are built to prolong a victor astir him, pinch galore of their halfway pieces signed to semipermanent contracts correct alongside Mahomes.

If he tin adhd much rings to his collection, and possibly moreover pinch different MVP aliases two, it won’t return agelong for Mahomes to beryllium wide considered 1 of nan champion to ever sling a pigskin.

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