Paul Simon Reveals He’s Lost Most of the Hearing in One Ear: ‘I Thought It Would Pass’

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The 81-year-old vocalist said he's gotten sick of playing immoderate of his songs live.

Paul Simon

Paul Simon Myrna Suarez

Paul Simon is dealing pinch a ravage of clip that is wholly expected astatine his age. In nan 81-year-old singer/songwriter’s case, though, it’s an occupational hazard that could earnestly effect really he records and performs successful nan future. In a caller interview, Simon told nan British insubstantial The Times that he began to acquisition proceeding nonaccomplishment successful his near receptor while signaling his just-released opus cycle, Seven Psalms.

“Quite suddenly, I mislaid astir of nan proceeding successful my near ear, and cipher has an mentation for it,” he said. “So everything became much difficult.” And while he described being disappointment and irritated astatine first, Simon said he didn’t get angry because, “I thought it would pass… it would repair itself.”

The quintessential New Yorker — who now lives connected a ranch successful woman Edie Brickell’s location authorities of Texas — said his proceeding has not yet returned, which intends he whitethorn beryllium incapable to circuit again. The only upside, according to nan two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, is that he whitethorn beryllium spared playing songs from his catalog that he’s grown weary of.

“The songs of excavation that I don’t want to singing live, I don’t singing them. Sometimes location are songs that I for illustration and past astatine a definite constituent successful a tour, I’ll say, ‘What nan f— are you doing, Paul?'” he told nan paper. “Quite often that would travel during [1986 hit] ‘You Can Call Me Al.’ I’d think, ‘What are you doing? You’re for illustration a Paul Simon screen band. You should get disconnected nan road, spell home.'”

Simon released nan 33-minute, seven-movement all-acoustic postulation Seven Psalms connected May 19, nan follow-up to his 2018 rarities postulation In nan Blue Light. The album, intended to beryllium listened to arsenic an extended piece, is predominantly performed by Simon connected unplugged instruments and besides features British vocal ensemble VOCES8 arsenic good arsenic Brickell.

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