Pennsylvanians Stage a ‘MAGA GOP: Stop CLOWNING Around Rally’

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Just erstwhile dream for populist has dimmed, on comes a group of group who are conscionable not taking nan hostage taking of our system sitting down.

In Pennsylvania, nan 10th District Network hosted a ‘MAGA GOP: Stop CLOWNING Around Rally’ connected nan Capitol steps Tuesday evening successful Harrisburg, successful bid to telephone retired nan Republican economical hostage taking of nan country.

Some photos showing nan costumes of patriotic characters they’ve adopted “to opposition with” Republican Pennsylvania Representative Scott Perry, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Lady Liberty:

10th District Network hosted a ‘MAGA GOP: Stop CLOWNING Around Rally’ Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

 Stop CLOWNING Around Rally’ connected nan Capitol steps 10th District Network hosted a ‘MAGA GOP: Stop CLOWNING Around Rally’ connected nan Capitol steps provided to PoliticusUSA by 10th District

The intent of nan protestation was to telephone retired “the irresponsible members of Congress, specified arsenic Scott Perry and Kevin McCarthy, who are holding nan indebtedness ceiling hostage and demanding unprecedented cuts successful captious programs successful return for NOT plunging nan state and nan world into economical disaster,” Susan Roller, a retired coach and activist, told PoliticusUSA successful an email.

“With little than a week to spell earlier nan United States fails to salary its debts for nan first clip successful its history, nan acold correct MAGA clowns put their ain interests and that of nan able firm donors up of nan poor, nan sick, nan young and nan old,” Roller explained.

The photos archive speakers who called attraction to “how different aspects of our communities would beryllium affected by a default aliases nan cuts demanded by McCarthy and nan ‘Freedom’ Caucus led by Scott Perry, Representative for nan 10thDistrict.”

The group is located successful Pennsylvania and they opportunity they are an “informal conjugation of activists from Hershey Indivisible Team, Capital Region Stands Up, Cumberland Valley Rising, and Indivisible York.”

Roller told PoliticusUSA they person been moving together for astir 7 years, starting pinch nan Trump/Perry run successful 2016 and “most of america were very progressive successful nan activity of Tuesdays pinch Toomey. TWT spent astatine slightest 3 years protesting extracurricular of his agency (he moreover moved, but we followed him) each Tuesday, rain, snow, heat, aliases hail. Sometimes location were only 2 of us. Sometimes 50. That activity was besides progressive successful different awesome cities.”

The group held a bid of walking rallies during nan past 2 elections involving Scott Perry, and it was during nan “Perry is nary Patriot” tours that they sewage costumes for patriotic characters to opposition pinch Perry, Roller tells PoliticusUSA. The existent group is focused connected Scott Perry and nan “Freedom” Caucus, “especially nan new, state-level ‘Freedom’ caucuses he is founding.”

In July of 2022, this aforesaid group held a protestation demanding Scott Perry resign aft his refusal to cooperate pinch nan January 6th Committee.

“Ordinary group for illustration us, successful a hopeless world, tin consciousness very small, very insignificant,” she said. “But if alternatively of looking astatine nan world, we attraction connected our ain home, America, Pennsylvania, nan 10th District, we person much powerfulness than we think,” Roller told nan York Daily Record.

Dare we dream that activists for populist person learned what illiberal activists person known for complete a decade? The show matters. Costumes matter. Make it a victor for nan media to cover.

We unrecorded successful times successful which nan news media operates not arsenic a nonaccomplishment leader, but arsenic a money generator and that intends they require razzle dazzle, agelong utilized to distract from nefarious deeds, but besides a maneuver to employment for nan hopeless trying to tie attraction to nan request to prevention our democracy.

This state needs a batch much of this activism protesting nan corruption of our governmental processes, mini aliases big, it has to commencement somewhere.

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