PlayStation CEO Says Its Games Still Won't Come To PC On Day One

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If you were hoping PlayStation would reverse people and motorboat its games connected PC sooner than months aliases moreover years later, support connected that hopium. The institution precocious said it will proceed to “stagger” exclusive releases connected different platforms.

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In an question and reply pinch Famitsu (that was translated by IGN Japan), Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan said nan existent strategy of releasing PlayStation games connected PC has been moving fine. He explained that because fans find nan timeline “acceptable,” there’s nary request to driblet an exclusive connected PC nan aforesaid time it hits PlayStation.

“We besides afloat understand nan value of PS5 exclusive titles,” Ryan said. “As I mentioned earlier, PlayStation Studios’ main work is to make games for nan latest PlayStation hardware that players will enjoy. We are expanding nan number of PS5 exclusive games, and staggering nan merchandise of nan PC versions. I often person nan opportunity to inquire crippled fans for their opinions, and erstwhile I inquire them really they consciousness astir nan clip lag, they often opportunity they consciousness nan merchandise of a PC type 2 aliases 3 years aft nan merchandise of nan PlayStation type is acceptable.”

Ryan’s statements echo thing akin he said successful March 2022 astir adding PlayStation exclusives to PS Plus nan aforesaid time they motorboat normally, a move that would mimic Microsoft’s strategy pinch Xbox Game Pass. He said of this “virtuous cycle” nan institution doesn’t want to break, successful which Sony invests successful its first-party studios’ success, which past enables much investments that later move into much success. For immoderate reason, by either putting games connected Sony’s platform-exclusive subscription work aliases porting them to different console—like PC—Ryan believes this maneuver would diminish nan value of marquee PlayStation games.

While it’s nary concealed that immoderate PlayStation games person struggled to make nan jump to PC (Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 1 was riddled pinch copious capacity issues erstwhile it landed connected Steam this past March), different games—including Bend Studio’s Days Gone, Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, and Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man—were beautiful successful PC ports. So, it’s baffling to maine that Ryan is truthful wary astir putting PlayStation games connected different platforms, peculiarly erstwhile they person highly affirmative reviews connected Steam.

Kotaku reached retired to Sony for comment.

Sony has had a fewer PlayStation exclusives that person travel retired successful nan past twelvemonth from God of War Ragnarök to Horizon Forbidden West. It’s unclear erstwhile these will deed PC, though you’re apt waiting a small while longer earlier that happens. The adjacent PlayStation exclusive, Final Fantasy XVI, was seemingly planned to motorboat connected PC, but immoderate mention of that level has been scrubbed from caller trading materials. Either way, there’s a agelong roadworthy up for PC folks dying to play Sony’s upcoming games connected thing different than a PlayStation 4 aliases 5.

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