PlayStation-Inspired Cosmetics Are Coming To Destiny 2

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The God of War-inspired Destiny 2 Titan armor, featuring a reddish people connected nan helmet akin to Kratos' look paint.

Image: Bungie / Sony

Bungie has conscionable revealed specifications for nan upcoming Destiny 2 Season of nan Deep, which includes a ton of caller in-game events, sportfishing (yes, you’ll beryllium capable to food successful Destiny 2), and a PlayStation crossover offering Sony game-inspired armor ornament sets. The crossover contented is portion of a “[celebration of] its business pinch PlayStation” according to nan blog post announcing it and debuting nan Season of nan Deep motorboat trailer. Back successful January 2022, Sony bought Destiny 2 developer Bungie for $3.6 billion, but it seems these cosmetics are disposable nary matter what level you play on.

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The armor ornament sets are “inspired by 3 of nan biggest games successful PlayStation history”: a Titan ornament group called Godsbane based connected God of War, a Hunter group named Annointed for Horizon Forbidden West, and a Warlock group from Ghost of Tsushima called Ancestral. Each group will besides get its ain typical finishing move.

Armor ornaments are unlockable on Destiny’s seasonal passes, and are equipable to each circumstantial portion of armor they coincide with—once you equip them, they’ll wholly alteration nan look of nan armor alternatively than conscionable nan colour for illustration a shader would. “The first [concern] is nan much nonstop reimagining of costuming details, items, and weapon,” said Bungie creation lead Josh Deeb successful nan blog post. “Then there’s nan little tangible aspects—their personalities and presence. In different words, do these ornaments consciousness for illustration these characters?”

Destiny 2 will an emote based connected Ratchet and Clank, as good arsenic a group of The Last of Us-inspired vehicles and Ghost ammunition that looks for illustration your Guardian’s cogwheel is infected pinch cordyceps. If you want to dispersed that fungus among us, you whitethorn want to drawback 1 of these items. “We cognize that nan environments successful games go conscionable arsenic overmuch a portion of nan communicative arsenic nan characters and players successful them,” said Deeb. “We wanted to leverage nan evocative infected visuals of nan mutated fungus and person that invade our world.”

Sony whitethorn person bought Bungie complete a twelvemonth ago, but frankincense acold this group of cosmetics are nan only tangible point that’s travel of nan purchase. Perhaps there’s much to come, but for now, hopefully your chosen Destiny class sewage a group of armor you’re happy with. Destiny 2 Season of nan Deep kicked disconnected connected Tuesday, May 23 and will tally until August 22.

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