Popular Tech YouTuber Linus Is Stepping Down As CEO Of His Companies

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Canadian YouTuber Linus Sebastian, champion known to astir arsenic nan feline down nan insanely celebrated Linus Tech Tips channel, has announced that he’s stepping down arsenic CEO of nan companies he helped create and has been moving for nan past 10 years.

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In a 10-minute video called “It’s time”, Sebastian announces that arsenic of July 1 he’ll nary longer beryllium heading up Linus Media Group, nan institution that not only runs nan Linus Tech Tips show but besides companies for illustration Creator Warehouse and Floatplane Media arsenic well.

“I wasn’t built for this, and I’m tired”, he says. “Like ‘really can’t do this anymore’ tired. And if I effort to resistance myself done different 10 years of business management I cognize I’m gonna destruct myself, and astir apt extremity up sidesplitting nan institution and nan organization that I emotion truthful overmuch successful nan process”.

Of people he isn’t leaving nan show aliases YouTube altogether. We’d person said that up apical if he were. Instead he’ll beryllium moving into a caller occupation called “Chief Vision Officer”—which he admits is “a stupid, BS-sounding, made-up role”—which will let him to not conscionable support making videos, but possibly moreover look successful more of them, since he’ll person been freed up to do truthful without having to attraction connected each nan business worldly that comes pinch being CEO of a institution that astatine clip of publishing has astir 100 employees.

Interestingly, Sebastian says that astatine nan aforesaid clip he was making this decision, Linus Media received an connection of $100 cardinal to “sell out”, which was successful nan shape of 60% rate straight-up, and 40% equity successful nan (undisclosed) purchasing company. Linus decided to move it down, though, citing a operation of factors for illustration nan truth they liked moving pinch nan institution arsenic it was and that, to beryllium real, they were already ace rich | already.

Terren Tong, antecedently pinch Corsair, will switch Sebastian arsenic CEO.

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