Powerpuff Girls Reboot, Other CW Spinoffs Are Officially Dead

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The CW is simply a web that’s often taken immoderate unusual swings, and whose shows for illustration Riverdale or The Winchesters cause nary mini magnitude of disorder erstwhile they first get announced. When it was revealed successful 2020 that nan web was aiming towards a live-action reboot of The Powerpuff Girls, one of Cartoon Network’s astir celebrated animated bid backmost successful nan day, nan guidance was more...erm, mixed than usual. Reboots themselves are ever crapshoots, and it didn’t thief that we already had a Powerpuff Girls reboot that didn’t spell complete well.

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But news connected nan live-action reboot, aka Powerpuff, has been fundamentally nonexistent since Chloe Bennet near her domiciled arsenic Blossom (commander and nan leader of nan team) to spell do...something else. But successful nan midst of nan CW’s caller drawstring of cancellations, TVLine precocious reported that Powerpuff was so nary more. And that’s not nan only show that sewage nan axe—Jake Chang, the planned Arrowverse bid Justice U, and a woman-led reboot of Legend of Zorro all sewage culled arsenic well. Network intermezo president Jake Schwartz was upfront successful saying that fundamentally immoderate show that was successful nan useful during nan tenure of his predecessor Mark Pedowitz nary longer exists. “We’ve already fixed those backmost to [their respective] studios,” he confirmed, adding that they’re “free to create those shows and waste them anywhere.”

In lawsuit you’ve forgotten, Powerpuff’s elevator transportation from Jennifer’s Body scribe Diablo Cody was that Blossom, Bubbles (Dove Cameron) and Buttercup (Yana Perrault) would beryllium 20-somethings pissed disconnected that they ne'er sewage to turn up arsenic normal kids. Beyond nan further casting of Donald Faison arsenic Professor Drake Utonium and Nicholas Podany arsenic Mojo Jojo’s boy Joseph (no, seriously), it wasn’t agelong earlier it was announced successful 2021 that nan task would be retooled. Between past and now, news collapsed that original bid creator Craig McCracken was processing a 2nd (for him, but technically third) animated Powerpuff Girls animated series, along pinch a reboot of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. At clip of writing, it doesn’t sound for illustration either of those projects person gotten nan axe.

As for nan different shows, location really hasn’t been immoderate existent news astir them anterior to their cancellations. The Zorro show’s large declare to fame is it had Robert Rodriguez attached to it, and was an thought he’s had successful his caput for years that was astatine 1 constituent meant for NBC. Justice U would’ve seen David Ramsey’s John Diggle enlistee a group of metahumans to spell undercover successful assemblage while school them to maestro their powers. And Jake Chang was an hold of Archie Comics’ TV universe, pinch nan titular Jake being a teen interrogator operating retired of Chinatown.

Each of these shows getting canceled only underlines really overmuch the CW is changing now that it’s nether caller management. Who knows if they would’ve been good, but successful immoderate way, they are “CW shows,” and it whitethorn beryllium that this peculiar web is nan only measurement they would’ve seen nan ray of time astatine all.

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