Rangers vs. Pirates prediction and odds for Tuesday, May 23 (Texas is red hot)

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May 21, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Texas Rangers 2nd baseman Marcus Semien (2) runs location to people during nan 5th inning against nan Colorado Rockies astatine Globe Life Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers person been 1 of nan biggest surprises done nan first 2 months of nan MLB season.

They were considered by galore to beryllium a borderline playoff team, but now we’re approaching June and nan Rangers person nan 2nd champion grounds successful nan American League. Only nan Tampa Bay Rays are higher successful nan standings.

They’re starting their week disconnected pinch a three-game interleague bid against nan Pittsburgh Pirates. Game 2 will return spot connected Tuesday.

Let’s dive into nan likelihood for nan crippled and past I’ll break down my champion bet.

Rangers vs. Pirates odds, tally line, and total

Rangers vs. Pirates prediction and pick

The Rangers occurrence this play has been nary fluke. They’ve been 1 of nan champion offenses successful shot and lead MLB successful OPS successful nan period of May.

Their OPS has been moreover amended erstwhile facing left-handed pitchers. Their OPS improves from .783 against righties to .841 against lefties. Now, they get to look a left-handed starter successful Rich Hill.

Hill’s 3.80 ERA whitethorn not beryllium arsenic bully arsenic it seems erstwhile you return a look astatine his Field Independent Pitching number of 4.62.

The Pirates besides sewage disconnected to a basking commencement to their season, but things person travel crashing down. They had nan 3rd champion OPS successful March and April, but now rank dormant past successful that stat successful May pinch an OPS of .593.


The Rangers are for existent whereas nan Pirates person been proven to beryllium pretenders.

Give maine Texas connected nan moneyline connected Tuesday.

Game likelihood refresh periodically and are taxable to change.

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