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Becky Hammon, Pistons

Las Vegas Aces caput coach Becky Hammon. (Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports)

The Detroit Pistons are looking for a caller coach to shepherd their rebuild. Who are nan champion options connected nan market? 

The Detroit Pistons are looking for a caller caput coach to lead their rebuild pursuing Dwane Casey’s move to nan beforehand office. It is possibly nan astir unsocial coaching hunt successful nan NBA correct now. With nan awesome names focused connected much high-profile gigs successful Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Phoenix, nan Pistons person invested clip successful much idiosyncratic and unexpected candidates.

So far, 3 superior candidates person emerged for Detroit, according to James L. Edwards III of The Athletic: Kevin Ollie of nan Overtime Elite league, Charles Lee of nan Milwaukee Bucks, and Jarron Collins of nan New Orleans Pelicans. The second 2 are highly-touted NBA assistants. Ollie spent six years arsenic nan caput coach astatine UConn and now coaches astatine Overtime Elite, a precocious school-age master convention successful Atlanta.

It’s a fascinating trio. The Pistons could besides grow their hunt successful nan weeks to come, arsenic plentifulness of appealing candidates still populate nan market. If ownership doesn’t find itself enamored pinch 1 of nan existent frontrunners, don’t beryllium amazed if much names emerge. Here are 3 realistic candidates who make nan astir consciousness for Detroit.

Best caput coach options for Detroit Pistons to switch Dwane Casey

3. Becky Hammon

The Raptors reportedly interviewed Becky Hammon successful nan early stages of their coaching search. Hammon has been connected nan NBA caput coaching radar for a while; she spent 8 years arsenic an adjunct to Gregg Popovich successful San Antonio earlier taking a caput coaching occupation pinch nan Las Vegas Aces of nan WNBA successful 2022.

The Gregg Popovich coaching character is expansive and prolific. He’s nan champion coach successful modern NBA history, truthful it’s mostly smart to look for caller voices from nan Spurs lineage. Hammon besides won nan WNBA title successful her first play pinch nan Aces — a bully parameter of her play-calling chops and locker room guidance skills.

The Pistons are looking to build nan correct habits pinch a young group. Hammon was portion of nan subordinate improvement process successful San Antonio. She’s besides a erstwhile subordinate — 1 of nan champion WNBA players of each time. It’s not unreasonable to peg her arsenic a value action to guideline Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, and nan upcoming No. 5 prime into nan adjacent era of Pistons basketball.

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