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Chris Quinn, Erik Spoelstra (Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

The Toronto Raptors’ determination to occurrence Nick Nurse leaves them astatine an organizational crossroads. Is this squad really tin of contending, and if so, who’s nan champion sound to lead them? 

There’s nary denying nan baseline talent connected nan Toronto Raptors‘ roster. Pascal Siakam earned All-NBA information contempt nan Raptors’ mediocre grounds and there’s plentifulness to beryllium excited astir pinch players for illustration Scottie Barnes and OG Anunoby, 2 elite protect wings connected nan beforehand extremity of their hoops primes.

And yet, nan Raptors consciousness for illustration nan NBA’s biggest mess. Nick Nurse’s firing highlighted nan bad vibes astir nan franchise. Nurse butted heads pinch beforehand agency members, adjunct coaches, and players. Toronto, aft respective years spent successful contention, abruptly looked for illustration eventual resident of no-man’s onshore — excessively talented and knowledgeable to rebuild, but acold excessively flawed to airs immoderate threat to nan elite NBA teams.

It each ended pinch a play-in tourney nonaccomplishment to nan Chicago Bulls. No disrespect to Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan, but it’s difficult to book a much poetic and embarrassing extremity to a sorry season. The Bulls, too, are stuck successful hoops no-man’s land. But astatine slightest Chicago has a coach it believes in.

Who tin nan Raptors find this summertime to lead nan adjacent era of Toronto basketball?

Best caput coach options for Toronto Raptors to switch Nick Nurse

3. Chris Quinn

Former NBA constituent defender Chris Quinn has been an adjunct coach nether Erik Spoelstra successful Miami since 2014. While overmuch is made of nan Gregg Popovich coaching character coming retired of San Antonio, Spo is wide considered nan champion moving coach successful nan NBA. Maybe it’s clip to turn successful nan Spoelstra coaching tree.

Quinn is simply a comparatively young coach for a comparatively young team. Toronto’s halfway players are each younger than 30. Scottie Barnes is astir apt nan centerpiece of nan Raptors’ future; giving him a guard-minded coach to turn alongside for nan adjacent decade is simply a tantalizing proposition.

No existent caput coach is amended astatine maximizing a flawed roster and getting nan astir retired of extent pieces than Spoelstra. The Raptors would dream immoderate of that productivity and invention has rubbed disconnected connected Quinn. Toronto is defined by atypical roster construction, but nan talent level is capable to compete astatine a precocious level — astatine slightest successful nan regular play — pinch nan correct caput coach.

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