Ray Stevenson, Star of Thor, RRR, Punisher, and Star Wars, Has Died

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Ray Stevenson was having a moment. Mere weeks ago, nan impressive, talented Irish character was revealed to beryllium starring arsenic a caller characteristic successful nan upcoming Star Wars show, Ahsoka. This came specified months aft RRR, a movie successful which he plays nan bad villain, was a container agency smash and took location an Oscar. The character was astatine nan apical of his game, and nan world, but successful incredibly sad news, that’s now over. Stevenson died connected Sunday astatine nan property of 58. No origin of decease has been revealed.

Spoilers of nan Week Feb 21-25

Though Stevenson had been acting since nan 1990s, audiences first really sewage a sensation of his talent successful nan domiciled of Titus Pullo connected HBO’s epic series, Rome. He had that benignant of energy: big, heroic, boisterous—which he past flipped connected its caput to play nan Punisher successful 2008's cult classic, Punisher: War Zone. Stevenson was 1 of nan champion Punishers yet, acknowledgment successful ample portion to his incredible, imposing presence.

After that, nan Hollywood roles began to heap up: The Book of Eli, The Other Guys, G.I. Joe, Divergent, and, astir memorably, arsenic Thor’s buddy Volstagg successful nan first 3 Thor movies. He besides played Blackbeard successful nan fan-favorite pirate show Black Sails and voiced Gar Saxon connected Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The database of credits beyond those goes and on, but successful 2022, Stevenson astir apt had his biggest occurrence to day playing Governor Scott Buxton successful RRR, nan heinously evil subject leader who gets precisely what he deserves from nan lead characters. It was a proper, big-time villainous role, which led correct into his still-mysterious domiciled successful August’s Ahsoka arsenic Baylan Skoll. Here’s a photo.

Ray Stevenson arsenic Baylan Skoll successful Ahsoka.

Ray Stevenson arsenic Baylan Skoll successful Ahsoka.Image: Lucasfilm

So we’ll get to spot and talk Stevenson overmuch much this year, which is nice, because astatine 58, pinch that talent and career, he was taken from america acold excessively soon.

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