Red Sox vs. Angels prediction and odds for Tuesday, May 23 (Angels ride Moniak’s hot bat)

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May 22, 2023; Anaheim, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels halfway fielder Mickey Moniak (16) watches nan formation of nan shot connected a solo location tally successful nan eighth inning against nan Boston Red Sox astatine Angel Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox rode their discourtesy to four-straight wins past week, but complete nan past 2 games they’ve scored conscionable 1 full tally and are 0-2.

The second of those games came past nighttime successful Anaheim against nan Los Angeles Angels. The Angels sewage an eighth inning location tally from Mickey Moniak to unafraid nan 2-1 triumph and move to 26-23 connected nan year. The Red Sox are 26-22 arsenic they caput into Game 2 of this three-game series.

For Game 2 it’ll beryllium Brayan Bello and Griffin Canning connected nan mound. Bello is 3-1 successful six starts for nan Red Sox pinch a 4.45 ERA and Canning is 2-2 pinch a 6.14 ERA successful his six starts for LA. Even aft past night’s loss, nan Red Sox are flimsy favorites connected nan roadworthy tonight.

Red Sox vs. Angels odds, tally statement and total

Red Sox vs. Angels prediction and pick

Mickey Moniak was nan first wide prime of nan 2016 draught to nan Phillies and he struggled mightily for 2.5 seasons successful Philadelphia earlier coming complete to nan Angels successful a waste and acquisition for Noah Syndergaard past season.

This year, he has played successful 9 games and had 28 at-bats for LA and has a 1.341 OPS pinch 3 location runs and six RBI. The Angels could surely usage different effect bat successful their lineup and successful nan past 7 days he has kept their discourtesy afloat.

Over that agelong they are 19th successful OPS successful baseball, but Moniak is ninth of each hitters.

Over that 7 time agelong nan Red Sox are really 1 spot worse, 20th successful OPS and nan nether is 4-0 successful Boston’s past 4 games. Despite Canning’s 6.14 ERA he does person a FIP astir a tally little and that’s often a bully motion for a struggling pitcher.

With Moniak providing magnitude successful nan lineup and giving nan Angels clutch hits for illustration his solo homer past night, I deliberation that LA is simply a bully stake coming arsenic a location underdog.

The Angles are 2-1 arsenic a location canine this year. Bello has sounded reasonably good for Boston, but past clip retired he issued 5 walks and that was really nan first commencement each twelvemonth wherever he didn’t let a location run.

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