Relentless E. Jean Carroll Comes After Trump For More Defamation Damages After CNN Town Hall

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E. Jean Carroll has amended her defamation suit to see much defamatory statements that Trump made astir her during his CNN municipality hall.

Here is nan amended complaint:


E. Jean Carroll moves to amend her remaining defamation suit to see Trump’s statements to CNN. @lawcrimenews

— Adam Klasfeld (@KlasfeldReports) May 22, 2023

“On nan very adjacent day, May 10, 2023, Trump lashed retired against Carroll during a televised, primetime ‘town hall’ arena hosted by CNN.” He doubled down connected his anterior defamatory statements, asserting to an assemblage each excessively fresh to cheer him connected that ‘I ne'er met this woman. I ne'er saw this woman,’ that he did not sexually battle Carroll, and that her relationship — which had conscionable been validated by a assemblage of Trump’s peers 1 time before—  was a ‘fake,’ ‘made up story’ invented by a ‘whack job.'”


“Trump’s defamatory statements post-verdict show nan extent of his malice toward Carroll since it is difficult to ideate defamatory behaviour that could perchance beryllium much motivated by hatred, sick will aliases spite,” her lawyers said successful a tribunal filing.”


“This behaviour supports a very important punitive damages award.”

E. Jean Carroll is showing really Trump must beryllium handled. Every usurpation that Trump insists connected perpetuating needs to beryllium met pinch a punch successful nan wallet. Eventually, he whitethorn study that location are consequences for his words, and he will get tired of losing money.

Carroll isn’t letting up connected Trump, and nan much he defames her, nan much it is apt to costs him successful court. E. Jean Carroll made judge that Trump was held accountable for intersexual abuse, and she is holding him accountable for defamation.

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