Rep. Adam Schiff Dabbles in Stand-Up Comedy, Rips CNN for Trump Town Hall

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REP. ADAM SCHIFF I'm a Comic Too ... Trump On CNN Was a Joke

5/25/2023 12:55 PM PT

Congressman Adam Schiff tries his manus astatine unrecorded stand-up drama erstwhile a twelvemonth ... but he sees thing funny astir really CNN group up Donald Trump's municipality hallway for a nationalist audience.

The distinguished man from Burbank, CA joined america Thursday connected "TMZ Live" and we asked him astir his upcoming drama group successful L.A.'s famed Comedy Store.

adam schiff

Schiff, who's moving for U.S. Senate, is hosting a fundraiser Friday astatine nan celebrated West Hollywood venue -- and while he'll mostly beryllium introducing master comics, he says he likes to operation successful a fewer jokes of his own.

As Adam explains, he's performed afloat stand-up acts astatine his yearly fundraiser successful nan past -- usually penning his ain jokes during nan cross-country formation -- and he fto america successful connected immoderate of his favourite material.

All jokes aside, Adam's not only eyeing nan Senate spot presently occupied by Sen. Dianne Feinstein ... he's besides paying attraction to Trump's statesmanlike campaignb..


Rep. Schiff ripped CNN for this month's municipality hallway pinch nan erstwhile President -- although, he doesn't return rumor pinch CNN holding nan event, he powerfully objects to 1 point astir nan spectacle ... comparing it to a reality TV show.


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