Reunited Mexican Pop Trio Camila Ends Decadelong Hiatus With New Music & Live Shows

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"I knew that this was going to happen, that we would beryllium together again," a teary Mario Domm says exclusively to Billboard Español.


Camila Courtesy of Sony Music

The lyrics of “Fugitivos,” Mexican trio Camila’s first azygous successful a decade, picture nan emotion of its reunited members. “It’s ne'er excessively precocious for a caller beginning,” says nan powerful ballad, serving arsenic a reintroduction of Mario Domm (vocals and piano), Samo Parra (vocals) and Pablo Hurtado (guitar) successful nan trio’s 2nd upwind since they reunited backmost successful January.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

The reunion of these voices — which successful nan past filled nan Foro Sol successful Mexico City and won respective Latin Grammys and Billboard Latin Music Awards pinch songs for illustration “Mientes” and “Aléjate De Mí” — arrives 2 decades aft their foundation, and 10 years aft they went connected a hiatus.

“I sent a connection to Samo and he answered nan measurement he is. As soon arsenic I saw his reply, I knew that this was going to happen, that we would beryllium together again,” Domm recalls tearfully successful an exclusive question and reply pinch Billboard Español.

Camila became a duo successful 2013 aft Samo departed to prosecute a solo profession aft strenuous tours, 4 workplace albums, and nan nickname by nan euphony manufacture arsenic 1 of nan astir successful projects of nan ’00s. Under nan caller format, Domm and Hurtado released nan medium Elypse successful 2014, while Samo debuted arsenic a soloist and put retired 2 albums, Inevitable (2013) and Eterno (2017), arsenic good arsenic nan unrecorded group Me Quito El Sombrero (2015).

But nan existent magic happens erstwhile nan 3 of them are together, sloppy of nan imaginable they each person arsenic musicians: Domm is 1 of nan astir celebrated Latin songwriters of his generation, pinch songs recorded by stars for illustration Alejandra Guzmán, Thalia and Paulina Rubio; Samo’s sound stands retired for its elegance, and Hurtado’s guitar adds a touch of stone to Camila’s philharmonic offerings.

And fans look happy and eager to person them back. Released connected March 31 done Sony Music Latin, “Fugitivos” put nan Mexican trio back successful nan apical 10 on Billboard’s Latin Pop Airplay, jumping 23-9 connected nan April 22 chart. It is presently connected its 2nd week astatine No. 5 — Camila’s first apical 10 since 2014 and besides its first since Samo’s return.

“There person been moments by ourselves, separately, that person made america turn arsenic artists and arsenic quality beings,” Samo says, adding that “now that it’s happening … it was a process of recognizing each different each complete again.”

In total, Camila has amassed 14 apical 10s (three of those hitting No. 1) among its 19 Latin Pop Airplay profession entries, making love backmost to its first, nan No. 8 precocious “Abrázame” successful 2006. The Mexicans charted their first No. 1 deed pinch “Mientes,” which topped nan ranking for 10 consecutive weeks successful February-May 2010.

Their return comes arsenic location Mexican euphony and reggaetón person taken nan world by large wind pinch millions of views connected YouTube, grounds numbers connected Spotify and No. 1s connected nan Billboard charts, acknowledgment to superstars for illustration Bad Bunny, Rosalía, Peso Pluma and Karol G. But nan trio doesn’t consciousness unit and opts to travel pinch its ain style.

“It’s very encouraging for america that nan euphony now ruling is nan location Mexican, nan urbano music, not needfully nan pop-rock ballads to which we belong. But there’s a truth I wish to underscore: Watching a Mexican set astatine nan world’s apical was unthinkable years ago. Music nary longer has borders, it has go globalized,” says Hurtado.

Mario Domm says that “Fugitivos” is nan first of different singles Camila plans to release, each portion of a caller medium that would driblet later this year.

While that happens, nan set has announced 3 concerts successful Mexico to observe their return to nan stage, starting Oct. 14 astatine nan Telmex Auditorium successful Guadalajara, and pursuing Oct. 15 astatine nan National Auditorium successful Mexico City and Dec. 1 astatine nan Arena Monterrey, successful nan bluish Mexican city.

“With nan people’s energy, I consciousness that this is wherever we’re going to break,” Domm adds. “That’s wherever nan champion portion of this each will begin.”

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