'RHOBH' Kyle Richards Denies Using Ozempic for Weight Loss, Blames Anxiety

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Kyle Richards This is Not Ozempic Face aliases Bod!!! I'm Too Afraid to Take It

5/23/2023 6:58 AM PT

kyle richards

Kyle Richards is mounting nan grounds consecutive astir really she obtained her toned assemblage ... saying she's ne'er utilized nan glucosuria supplier Ozempic, instead, she's putting nan activity successful herself.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" prima says she's ne'er moreover tried nan drug, erstwhile it comes to her astounding weight nonaccomplishment results ... claiming, she couldn't bring herself to do it if she wanted.

kyle richards

She told Page 6, “I’m not connected immoderate weight nonaccomplishment drug. If you cognize me, you cognize I person unspeakable worry truthful that would scare maine to death. I person never, ever ever taken it.”

ICYMI, Kyle has been posting distant and showing disconnected her toned assemblage connected societal media nan past fewer months ... prompting fans to estimate she mightiness person taken nan drug, to execute her slim assemblage -- conscionable arsenic immoderate different celebs and 'Bravo' stars person admitted to doing.

kyle richards

On nan different hand, Kyle has voiced her vexation pinch these rumors, maintaining she's done it each herself by changing her manner and habits ... and now we person a amended thought of really she sewage started.

kyle richards

Kyle says her caller bod is homemade, acknowledgment to grueling workouts pinch her individual trainer Cory Gregory, whom she met done vocalist Morgan Wade.

BTW, immoderate of nan dietary changes see cutting retired alcohol, sugar, pizza and carbs.


The usage of Ozempic for weight nonaccomplishment has go wide celebrated crossed nan U.S. and has moreover caused shortages of nan supplier for those who person Type 2 glucosuria ... contempt immoderate experts informing against it.

But, for Kyle, nan bottommost statement is ... she's not connected that trend!

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