'RHOSLC' Star Jen Shah Fears for Her Safety After Prison Photos Leak

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'Real Housewives' Jen Shah Paranoid Over Prison Pics Leak ... Demands Investigation

5/25/2023 12:30 AM PT

Jen Shah prison

Jen Shah's hitting nan panic button, metaphorically, because photogs were capable to snapshots of her down bars -- and she wants nan situation to find retired really it happened.

If you missed it, a photograph agency sewage pics earlier this period of Jen stepping successful nan gait astatine FPC Bryan successful Texas. Jen, done her rep Chris Giovanni, tells TMZ, "When I saw nan photograph and recognized nan perspective and location of wherever that photograph was captured, I became instantly frightened."

Jen Shah prison

Jen adds, "I powerfully judge nan photograph was not taken from nan extracurricular adjacent nan exterior gates, but alternatively heavy wrong nan compound astatine FPC- Bryan."

We're told Jen is now paranoid that whoever took nan pic could do thing worse adjacent clip ... "I americium truthful worried that nan adjacent photograph secretly taken of maine could beryllium successful nan shower, utilizing nan bathroom, aliases perchance changing my clothes."

Her insinuation is situation unit took nan photos, aliases situation unit is giving photogs entree to return them.

Jen Shah's Lavish Life

Jen says she's grateful her hubby Sharrieff plans to interaction nan Bureau of Prisons to inquire for an investigation. We're told he's presently successful nan process of penning a missive expressing their concerns.

As for really she saw nan photos ... we're told situation inmates usage video monitors to speak pinch their families, and a neighboring inmate's family showed Jen nan photos connected nan screen.

jen shah arrested

TMZ collapsed nan story, Jen started serving her 6.5-year situation sentence backmost successful February aft pleading blameworthy to conspiracy to perpetrate ligament fraud.

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