Ron DeSantis Announcing Presidential Bid On Twitter with Elon Musk

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Ron DeSantis Declaring Presidential Bid On Twitter pinch Elon

5/23/2023 11:59 AM PT

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Ron DeSantis is making his statesmanlike tally charismatic pinch nan thief of Elon Musk, jumping connected nan vertebrate app pinch its proprietor to make nan large announcement -- thing nan tech mogul is, nary doubt, seeing arsenic a MAJOR win.

TMZ has confirmed ... nan existent Florida Governor will subordinate Elon successful a Twitter spaces chat Wednesday to denote he is, indeed, throwing his chapeau successful nan 2024 statesmanlike race.

Tech entrepreneur David Sacks will mean nan meeting, and DeSantis will driblet his first run video astir nan aforesaid time.


As you know, Elon's been pushing to get Twitter to go much for illustration mainstream TV ... aft ex-FOX News big Tucker Carlson took to nan level earlier this period to opportunity he'd beryllium launching a "new version" of his show connected Twitter ... which Elon quickly embraced.

Following Tucker's announcement, Elon called retired Don Lemon -- who's besides out of a gig -- to person him come over to nan aforesaid app and commencement his ain show ... digging astatine CNN's ratings by adding, "Maybe worthy a try. Audience is overmuch bigger."

Looks for illustration Elon's tryin' difficult to get arsenic galore eyes connected his level arsenic possible, and if caller history is immoderate denotation ... authorities is nan cleanable measurement to do that.

As for Gov. DeSantis, announcing connected Twitter seems for illustration a changeable crossed nan front of Donald Trump's run ... arsenic nan ex-Prez utilized to beryllium Commander-in-Chief of tweeting. Y'know, backmost earlier nan Jan. 6 insurrection.

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