Ron DeSantis Embraces Nikki Haley’s Failed Ageist Strategy

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Gov. Ron DeSantis has decided that his strategy to opposition himself pinch Trump will beryllium to tally astir nan state to show he’s not old.

CNN reported, “People acquainted pinch nan DeSantis run blueprint, however, indicated nan Florida politician would soon motorboat a relentless blitz of run appearances successful cardinal plaything states, intended to opposition his power pinch that of his older rivals, Trump and President Joe Biden.”

Nikki Haley has already been retired connected nan run way playing nan property paper astatine each opportunity. On Fox News, Haley had this to opportunity astir Biden, “He announced that he’s moving again successful 2024, and I deliberation that we tin each beryllium very clear and opportunity pinch a matter of truth that if you ballot for Joe Biden, you really are counting connected a President Harris, because nan thought that he would make it until 86 years aged is not thing that I deliberation is likely.”

Ron DeSantis doesn’t person a compelling imagination for America. He doesn’t person an absorbing backmost communicative aliases thing to connection that is unsocial aliases special. DeSantis’s connection comes down to nan truth that he is not Donald Trump, and he is not a elder citizen.

Gov. DeSantis is looking much and much for illustration nan doomed statesmanlike run of erstwhile Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who was besides a Republican who looked a batch amended connected insubstantial to Republican superior voters than nan reality of his run turned retired to be.

Bullies aren’t beaten pinch subtle messages for illustration tons of run stops to show energy. Bullies for illustration Trump are beaten pinch confrontation, and truthful acold DeSantis has shown nary expertise to guidelines up to Trump.

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