Ron DeSantis’s Elon Musk Stunt Is Loser’s Play

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How tin you show erstwhile a campaigner knows that they are losing earlier they commencement running? When they edifice to gimmicks to motorboat their campaign.

NBC News reported:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will denote he is moving for president during a chat pinch Twitter CEO Elon Musk, 3 sources acquainted pinch nan plans told NBC News.

Musk and DeSantis will big an arena connected Twitter Spaces, nan site’s level for audio chats, connected Wednesday astatine 6 p.m. ET. It will beryllium moderated by David Sacks, a tech entrepreneur who is simply a Musk confidant and DeSantis supporter.

Ron DeSantis is launching his statesmanlike run successful an audio-only format connected a societal media tract that has been hemorrhaging advertisers and users. The constituent of this gimmick isn’t to get nan connection retired that Ron DeSantis is simply a statesmanlike candidate.

Gov. DeSantis is trying to bargain headlines and do thing ‘out of nan box’ to make attention, aliases astatine slightest that would astir apt beryllium nan rotation from nan DeSantis side, which would spell thing for illustration ‘we are nan young caller disruptors who are shaking up nan position quo of run announcements.’

The truth is that DeSantis has problem interacting pinch quality beings. His book circuit stops were achy to watch. Gov. DeSantis isn’t bully down a podium and needs a mean to hide his flaws.

DeSantis besides feels nan unit of nan polls, which aren’t worthy overmuch correct now, but each work together that he is losing to Trump by a lot.

Trump sewage a CNN Town Hall that generated days worthy of media sum for him, not for bully reasons, but he sewage each nan sum he wanted. DeSantis is going connected a Twitter Space, past nan Fox News decease slot of 8 PM to beryllium interviewed by Trey Gowdy.

None of this screams winner. It reeks of a campaigner who didn’t deliberation that he would beryllium losing correct now trying to play drawback up.

If this is nan Ron DeSantis campaign’s thought of an epic statesmanlike run rollout, they are successful worse problem than we thought.

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