Runner Molly Seidel on Making Strides With her ADHD

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In portion 3 of our three-part series, Olympic medalist Molly Seidel, she talks astir moving connected her intelligence wellness each day.

Molly Seidel knows a point aliases 2 astir nan activity it takes to succeed: She is 1 of only 3 American women to badge successful nan Olympics marathon. 

After receiving her ADHD diagnosis and trying various treatments, Seidel realized that taking attraction of her intelligence wellness is conscionable for illustration training for a marathon. 

"I deliberation pinch immoderate of these things group don’t understand for illustration nan sheer magnitude of regular activity that goes into these things whether it’s running, whether it’s intelligence health," she said. "I deliberation a batch of group presume that I’m a batch much people talented than I really americium astatine this sport, for illustration I’m really not. It is conscionable benignant of for illustration a accordant time and time retired activity that you do and I deliberation that is translated precisely into my intelligence health."

Knowing her diagnosis, Seidel amended understands her first tie to running.  

"I deliberation group find nan aforesaid consciousness of nan repetition building that moving gives you arsenic a existent use and truthful galore group astatine this level astir apt person immoderate shape of [ADHD]."

"I’m very fortunate successful a sense, that arsenic a pro athlete, betterment is simply a immense portion of my job, "she said.  "And being capable to decompress and calm down utilizing various activity techniques and very calming techniques has been perfectly captious for maine and that’s thing that I person to do each time aggregate times a time really really show it."

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 successful this series.

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