Running faster puts more strain on your shins than running uphill

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The existent origin of "shin splints" still isn't good understood, but a contributing facet whitethorn beryllium that moving accelerated puts much strain connected shin bones than tackling inclines does

By Karmela Padavic-Callaghan

Picture of group moving connected treadmill successful gym

A study of group moving connected nan treadmill astatine different speeds and elevations recovered that moving faster puts nan astir strain connected nan shins

Shutterstock/NDAB Creativity

Runners whitethorn look a greater consequence of processing fractures successful their shin bones erstwhile they tally quickly, compared pinch erstwhile they tally uphill aliases downhill.

The repetitive pounding mobility of moving tin lead to achy overuse injuries known arsenic “shin splints” and moreover fractures successful runners’ shin bones. Researchers cognize that these fractures often hap erstwhile runners summation nan strength of their training, but it isn’t …

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