Sam Smith Teases Mystery Collab With Madonna

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The popular star's station group fans buzzing, but didn't see a merchandise day for nan forthcoming song.

Sam Smith and Madonna

Sam Smith and Madonna Kristy Sparow/Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for dcp

Sam Smith amazed fans connected Tuesday (May 24) by dropping little teaser for their upcoming collaboration pinch nary different than Madonna.

The electrifying clip posted to nan pop star’s societal media accounts starts retired pinch a blank surface earlier Smith’s sound cuts done nan achromatic to pronounce “Sam and…” — astatine which point, Madonna cuts successful to tantalizingly susurration her name. The duo past repetition nan declaration doubly much earlier nan teaser abruptly ends.

Smith chose not to see a caption aliases immoderate different accusation astir nan forthcoming track, but moreover without a merchandise day aliases title, fans and celebrated friends flocked to nan singer’s replies to respond to nan sure-to-be-iconic team-up pinch Her Madgesty.

“LETS F-KIN GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” wrote Ryan Tedder successful each caps connected Instagram while euphony video head Jake Wilson exclaimed, “UM WHATTTTTTT.” Over connected Twitter, Smith’s followers declared, “This is astir to beryllium a banger,” “THIS DUO OMFG!!!!!” and “Oh bawww laawwwwd nan shriek one conscionable scrumt.”

Smith released their astir caller medium Gloria successful precocious January. The workplace group was preceded by singles “Love Me More,” “Unholy” featuring Kim Petras and “Gimme,” while connected nan time of its unveiling, nan popular prima dropped nan defiant euphony video for 4th single, “I’m Not Here to Make Friends.”

Meanwhile, Madonna is presently prepping her upcoming The Celebration Tour connected nan heels of releasing Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones past year. The hits-only trek marking nan icon’s fortieth day successful nan euphony manufacture will commence July 15 successful Vancouver.

Watch nan teaser for Smith’s enigma way pinch Madonna below.

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