Seagulls choose their meals based on what people nearby are eating

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Given a prime betwixt 2 crisp packets, herring gulls prime nan aforesaid colour arsenic 1 a adjacent quality is eating from 95 per cent of nan time

By Soumya Sagar

Herring gulls commonly scavenge nutrient made for humans

mtreasure/iStock/Getty Images

Seagulls salary adjacent attraction to our nutrient choices and show a beardown penchant for items for illustration those that group are eating nearby.

European herring gulls (Larus argentatus), a ubiquitous beingness successful coastal towns and cities successful nan UK, are notorious nutrient snatchers – aliases kleptoparasites, to usage nan technological term. “Many group still deliberation that gulls are not very smart, moreover though kleptoparasitism to america suggested a higher level of cognition, truthful we wanted to research this further,” says Franziska Feist astatine nan University of Sussex, UK.

Feist and her colleagues studied gulls connected nan Brighton beachfront for a fewer months successful 2021 and 2022. They presented bluish and greenish packets of murphy crisps to groups of gulls. An experimenter sat connected nan crushed astir 5 metres distant and either idly watched nan gulls aliases pulled retired a greenish aliases bluish packet from their container and ate from it.

The researchers recovered that 48 per cent of nan birds approached nan packets erstwhile nan experimenter was eating, compared pinch 19 per cent erstwhile they weren’t. When gulls approached and pecked a packet, they chose nan aforesaid colour arsenic nan experimenter’s packet 95 per cent of nan time.

The truth that their foraging choices were influenced by quality behaviour shows that gulls are fantabulous societal learners pinch a precocious level of cognition, nan researchers say.

“The evolutionary history of herring gulls wouldn’t person progressive humans, since their urbanisation is alternatively recent,” says Feist. “So nan skills we identified, those that let them to study from different type done observations, must travel from much wide intent intelligence, alternatively than an innate ability. This is simply a very breathtaking conception to me.”

“I deliberation it shows very intelligibly that gulls are highly adaptable birds erstwhile it comes to foraging,” says Damien Farine astatine nan University of Zurich successful Switzerland.

Madeleine Goumas astatine nan University of Exeter, UK, says studies for illustration this tin play a domiciled successful minimising conflicts betwixt humans and gulls, but nan birds’ usage of quality nutrient cues whitethorn beryllium problematic. “Gulls look to person realised that we are a awesome accusation root erstwhile it comes to uncovering food,” she says. “However, nan benignant of processed nutrient humans eat is simply a comparatively caller summation to chaotic animals’ diets and it is unclear whether it is really beneficial for them, which is simply a interest erstwhile nan type is declining.”


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