'Selling Sunset' Chelsea Lazkani Thinks Bre Tiesi Wants To 'Kill' Her After Drama

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'Selling Sunset' Chelsea Lazkani Bre Tiesi Wants To Kill Me! Keeps Distance After Off-Camera Exposing

5/24/2023 8:18 AM PT

"Selling Sunset" prima Chelsea Lazkani thinks she might've gone overboard erstwhile it came to talking smack astir newcomer Bre Tiesi and her narration pinch Nick Cannon -- claiming she's now keeping her region to enactment alive!

ICYMI, Bre -- who shares a kid pinch Nick -- joined nan Oppenheim Group for nan deed reality series' latest play ... and Chelsea took an off-camera infinitesimal of Bre's straight to nan screen, telling nan different agents Bre was amazed and upset aft discovering via news alert that Nick welcomed babe #9 pinch exemplary LaNisha Cole.

Chelsea's now wishing she spot her lingua during filming, telling Entertainment Tonight, "I deliberation she wants to termination me, and I want to enactment live for a very agelong time. So, you know, I conscionable deliberation I’ll support my region from her."

‘Selling Sunset’ Cast Hot Shots -- Guess Who!

The existent property supplier says it wasn't until she took a measurement backmost that she realized nan harm she put connected Bre -- adding, "This is simply a personification pinch existent feelings and you could wounded that person, because nan quality betwixt nan online trolls and myself is I'm correct successful beforehand of your face."

BTW, Bre clapped backmost astatine Chelsea aft making her backstage infinitesimal nationalist ... saying her costar was simply digging for a storyline, and thing more.

You'll recall, Bre precocious said Nick didn't person to cough up kid support rate because of nan number of kids he's had -- though her lawyer later debunked his client's claims.

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