'Selling Sunset' Nicole Young Gets Death Threats After Feud with Chrishell Stause

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'Selling Sunset' Nicole Young Gets 'Unbearable' Death Threats After Feud pinch Chrishell

5/25/2023 1:00 AM PT

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"Selling Sunset" newbie Nicole Young is emotion immoderate superior fallout from her feud pinch costar Chrishell Stause -- we're told Nicole's getting sadistic decease threats, now that their conflict is retired successful nan show's latest season.

Sources adjacent to Nicole show TMZ ... speech from nan decease threats, she's been getting deed pinch meth addict accusations and loads of hateful reside from crazed fans -- immoderate of whom recovered her reside and telephone number.

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Nicole's been getting worldly for illustration "Watch retired connected nan streets….whores die," "You’re a c***. A bully. I dream you dice honestly," and "No 1 likes you because you’re a crackhead. You should time off nan O Group you f***ing methhead."

Not only is she taking a beating, but we're told folks person been calling retired her family ... and it's now impacting her intelligence health. She's backed retired of appearances and podcast tapings because of nan hateful reactions.

If you haven't seen nan caller play ... tensions sewage precocious aft Nicole claimed Chrishell stole nan in installments for a listing they were moving connected together. She besides claimed Chrishell was handed listings from caput honcho Jason Oppenheim because they utilized to date.

Sparks flew rather a bit, pinch Chrishell moreover calling Nicole a "b****" consecutive to her look ... but contempt each nan anger coming her way, sources opportunity Nicole's opinionated by her comments connected nan caller play -- claiming not capable discourse was shown successful nan last edit.

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