Sequel To Capcom's Beloved Action-RPG Will Have You Killing Dragons On PS5

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In June of past year, Capcom made immoderate group very happy erstwhile it announced that its cult classical action-RPG Dragon’s Dogma was getting a sequel. However, we hadn’t seen moreover a glimpse of nan crippled itself, until now. The first gameplay uncover trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 near nan Kotaku Slack shooketh arsenic it debuted during the May 24 PlayStation Showcase broadcast. And y’all, having yet gotten this small morsel of a look astatine nan upcoming game, I’m hella stoked.

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Dragon’s Dogma is an open-world action-adventure crippled pinch RPG elements. After a dragon rips your bosom retired of your thorax successful nan worst breakup imaginable, you and immoderate NPC recruits called Pawns group retired to get revenge. The communicative wasn’t peculiarly original, but nan writing, on pinch nan play of nan characters and nan world’s politics, made it an engaging communicative nonetheless. However, it was chiefly nan satisfying combat mechanics and highly customizable characteristic creation and progression that earned nan crippled its spirited cult following. Now, Capcom has yet shown disconnected nan sequel.

The trailer is incredibly brief, filled pinch bits of dialog and gameplay. We spot nan protagonist, a chosen leader called nan Arisen, shooting magic balls astatine cyclopses, cutting up nan necks of griffins, and dropping meteors connected trash mobs. It’s a delectable imagination affair.

Capcom’s promotion shaper Ken Mendoza shared immoderate insignificant specifications astir nan sequel connected nan PlayStation Blog, saying you’ll meet intriguing caller characters and fearsome monsters connected your adventures successful Dragon’s Dogma 2.

“[Dragon’s Dogma] gained fame arsenic a one-of-a-kind action-RPG acknowledgment to its polished action and combat,” Mendoza said, “as good arsenic a unsocial strategy that made nan subordinate consciousness arsenic if accompanied by others done pawns, mysterious otherworldly beings. Dragon’s Dogma 2 follows successful its footsteps elevating these elements further to create a genuinely immersive imagination world for your adventures ahead.”

I, for one, americium hyped for this game. While I put a adjacent magnitude of clip into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dragon’s Dogma not only deed a akin vibe arsenic Bethesda’s never-dying RPG, but successful my sentiment besides managed to do precocious imagination a spot better. Between its intricate leveling strategy that saw you choosing amongst a assortment of chopped classes and its fascinating assortment of characters and quests, Dragon’s Dogma was nan crippled that dominated my early ‘10s gaming habits, particularly erstwhile the Dark Arisen description dropped successful April 2013.

While there’s nary merchandise day aliases model yet, we astatine slightest cognize that Dragon’s Dogma 2 will onshore connected PlayStation 5—and Xbox—whenever it does travel out.

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