Sony Announces New Handheld, And Sorry, It's Not The Vita 2

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A caller Sony handheld shows God of War moving connected a screen.

Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

Well, it yet happened: Sony’s sewage a caller handheld connected nan way. It promises each nan features of nan fancy DualSense PlayStation 5 controller connected an 8-inch high-definition screen. The only catch? It’s a Wi-Fi streaming-only device, pulling straight from your PS5. Sorry, Vita fans.

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Sony hasn’t offered a portable console since nan ill-fated, but fondly remembered, PlayStation Vita successful 2012. Instead, Sony’s chosen to connection portable experiences via Remote Play, which streams contented from a much powerful console to a smaller one. That’s been a usability ever since nan days of nan PSP; successful caller years, Remote Play allowed you to tally a crippled connected a PS4 aliases PS5 and watercourse to a mobile instrumentality aliases PC. But now, Sony’s taking it a measurement further pinch Project Q, a caller instrumentality featuring what looks for illustration a sawed-in-half DualSense controller and a tablet Ultrahanded successful nan middle. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan took to nan virtual shape during nan May 24 PlayStation showcase to show it off, promising a motorboat day later this year.

Rumors astir a caller Sony handheld aren’t new, and they often came pinch nan caveat that nan alleged instrumentality wouldn’t person capable horsepower connected its ain to tally something. True to those rumors, Sony’s upcoming instrumentality will beryllium streaming only. And, arsenic indicated during today’s event, nan instrumentality will usage Wi-Fi, pinch nary denotation astir cellular broadband functionality.

Kotaku has reached retired to Sony for comment.

Details during nan PlayStation showcase were sparse, though nan instrumentality does look alternatively snazzy—and much comfy to wield than a Switch. But that wasn’t all.

Sony besides showed disconnected its upcoming earbuds, highlighting compatibility pinch PS5 and PC. They will besides activity connected your smartphone via Bluetooth, which is promising. And, you’ll surely look cooler wearing these successful nationalist than erstwhile I utilized to locomotion astir wearing nan PS3 Bluetooth headset connected to my cellphone.

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