Sony Is Returning to Portable Gaming With a Streaming Handheld That's Just a PS5 Controller With a Screen

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E3 whitethorn dead, but that doesn’t mean that summertime crippled announcements person joined it. During Sony’s PlayStation Showcase livestream earlier today, nan institution confirmed rumors that it was moving connected a caller handheld, but alternatively of being a follow-up to 2011's PlayStation Vita, nan instrumentality will beryllium much successful statement pinch devices for illustration nan Logitech G Cloud and Razer Edge, which attraction connected crippled streaming.

Jim Ryan, nan CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, revealed our first look astatine nan instrumentality today, which still doesn’t person an charismatic sanction yet, but is known internally astatine Sony arsenic Project Q. Details connected nan handheld’s capabilities, specs, and capacity aren’t known, but Ryan confirmed it will characteristic a huge, eight-inch HD surface that sits betwixt what appears to beryllium a bifurcated PlayStation 5 controller. Importantly, it will see each of nan buttons and features of nan DualSense wireless controller.

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What Project Q won’t beryllium is simply a next-generation type of nan PS Vita, aliases moreover a standalone portable console designed to compete pinch either nan Steam Deck aliases nan Nintendo Switch. Instead, it’s a handheld exclusively designed to beryllium utilized for PS Remote Play complete a wifi connection, requiring games to beryllium installed connected nan PS5—excluding VR titles.

Sony besides wasn’t successful a position to stock immoderate specifications connected what Project Q mightiness cost, but fixed it’s designed to beryllium an accessory for nan $400+ PS5, we’re hoping it will beryllium considerably cheaper than different crippled streaming handhelds. So far, these weaker devices haven’t made a beardown lawsuit for consumers to take them complete Valve’s Steam Deck, which is besides compatible pinch PS Remote Play via a 3rd statement client. Sony promises much specifications connected Project Q will beryllium revealed successful nan adjacent future, and readiness is expected sometime later this year.

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