Sony's Sequel to the Popular ZV-1 Vlogging Camera Has a Wider Lens, Costs $100 More

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There’s been immoderate statement arsenic to whether aliases not location exists capable of a marketplace to warrant a mirrorless camera that focuses connected video features targeted astatine contented creators. But 3 years aft nan debut of nan Sony ZV-1, and respective different models successful between, Sony is introducing an update to nan original pinch nan ZV-1 II, which features an moreover wider perspective lens, among different requested upgrades.

Like nan original, nan caller ZV-1 II (or ZV-1 MKII, aliases ZV-1M2) features a fixed lens (you’ll request to step up to nan Sony ZV-E10 if you want to usage your ain glass) but Sony has improved its capabilities. The original offered a 24-70mm zoom range, but nan caller type shifts that a small little to 18-50mm. There’s immoderate sacrifice connected nan telephoto end, 70mm down to 50mm, but erstwhile zoomed retired to 18mm, nan ZV-1 II will now beryllium capable to accommodate much group successful frame.

It’s an awesome optical feat for a camera of this size pinch a fixed lens, but it does travel pinch 1 different sacrifice. The ZV-1 had an aperture scope of f/1.8-2.8, but nan ZV-1 II is now f/1.8-4, truthful you won’t beryllium letting successful arsenic overmuch ray erstwhile afloat zoomed successful connected a subject.

A close-up changeable of nan apical of nan Sony ZV-1 II integer camera.

Image: Sony

The 20.1-megapixel ZV-1 II carries complete a batch of nan features and nan aforesaid wide creation of its predecessor, including a dedicated fastener that forces nan camera to attraction connected objects person to it for those making videos demonstrating products, arsenic good arsenic a bokeh fastener that stops down nan aperture arsenic acold is it tin spell (while adjusting different settings to compensate) successful bid to blur retired nan inheritance down nan on-camera subject.

There’s still nary viewfinder, but nan built-in microphone connected apical now offers 3 settings for its pickup pattern: focusing connected what’s successful beforehand of nan camera, what’s down nan camera, aliases both, which is perfect for those who for illustration to springiness stepping tours while carrying a camera and providing narration arsenic to what’s being seen. It besides still accommodates outer microphones, but only done a 3.5mm audio jack: you can’t link different audio root digitally, aliases done a wireless relationship for illustration Bluetooth.

Despite only being 3 years old, nan original ZV-1 still relied connected a microUSB larboard for those wanting to link it to a machine and usage nan camera arsenic an upgraded webcam for unrecorded streaming. With nan ZV-1 II, that has been rectified pinch a USB-C larboard connected nan broadside of nan camera.

The Sony ZV-1 II will beryllium disposable starting successful June for $900, which is $100 much than its predecessor.

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