Squirrel Terrifies Yankees Fans With Jaunt Around Outfield During Game

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New York Yankees Squirrel Terrifies Fans At Game!!!

5/24/2023 6:07 AM PT

yankee squirrel

Several Yankees fans astir sewage a lapful of peanuts, Cracker Jacks and squirrel retired astatine nan aged ballgame Tuesday nighttime -- and nan Pinstripes supporters couldn't person been much mortified by it!!!

The Animal Planet-like segment each went down during New York's tilt against nan Baltimore Orioles ... when, somehow, a squirrel collapsed into Yankee Stadium and took an in-game jaunt astir nan outfield.

First, it was seen posted up adjacent nan Yanks' bullpen ... past it was spotted successful nan correct section grass. But, erstwhile it made its measurement adjacent nan stands, that's erstwhile each hellhole collapsed loose.

Check retired video of rodent's tally crossed an outfield wall -- fans were perfectly terrified to beryllium truthful adjacent to nan creature!!

Squirrel coming through‼️ 🐿️ pic.twitter.com/DIv423BI7H

— YES Network (@YESNetwork) May 24, 2023 @YESNetwork

You tin spot astir of nan guys successful nan area had alarmed looks connected their faces -- which is not excessively astonishing ... considering New York is, aft all, known arsenic a actual jungle.

Don't worry, nary 1 was spot by nan animal -- and arsenic acold we know, nary squirrels were harmed during nan game. Plus, nan Yanks seemed to get immoderate bully mojo by it each ... going connected to hit nan O's, 6-5, successful a walk-off thriller.

Go nuts, Yankees fans!!!

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