'Star Wars' & 'Thor' Actor Ray Stevenson Dead At 58

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Ray Stevenson 'Star Wars,' 'Thor' Actor Dead At 58

5/22/2023 11:14 AM PT

Ray Stevenson, known for his activity successful 'Thor' and nan "Star Wars" franchise, has died.

Ray's publicist confirms nan news to TMZ, telling america he died Sunday -- they opportunity they person nary further specifications surrounding his decease astatine this time.

Ray first collapsed into nan world of acting successful 1993, appearing successful various episodes of TV earlier landing a domiciled successful nan 1998 flick, "The Theory of Flight" ... wherever he played a gigolo tasked pinch helping Helena Bonham Carter's characteristic suffer her virginity.

Ray Stevenson Rom

He went connected to look successful a bunch of projects for illustration "The Book of Eli," "Rome," "The Other Guys," and "Kill nan Irishman" -- each earlier landing nan domiciled of Volstagg successful Marvel's "Thor" successful 2011, returning to nan bid successful 2 sequels arsenic nan years went on.

Ray Stevenson Thor- The Dark World 3

"Star Wars" fans retrieve Ray lending his sound to nan characteristic Gar Saxon -- appearing successful "Rebels" & "The Clone Wars." He's besides playing a abstracted characteristic successful nan upcoming "Ahsoka" series, premiering later this year.

Apart from that, Ray's been featured successful "Divergent," 9 episodes of "Dexter," "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," "Black Sails," and "Crossing Lines." He besides played Scott Buxton successful nan caller Indian hit, "RRR."

Ray was 58.


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