Steelers: Kenny Pickett says all the right things about Big Ben, but not everyone agrees

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Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Ben Roethlisberger said candidly to young Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kenny Pickett connected a caller podcast. Not everybody appreciated his sadistic honesty. 

Ben Roethlisberger’s displeasure pinch nan Pittsburgh Steelers‘ determination to draught QB Kenny Pickett successful nan 2022 NFL Draft was a poorly kept concealed astatine nan time. The seasoned still viewed himself arsenic nan centerpiece of nan Steelers’ discourtesy and he plainly took discourtesy to nan statement prioritizing his replacement.

In a caller quality connected nan Footbahlin Podcast, Roethlisberger had nan opportunity to talk his feelings pinch Pickett. The 41-year-old admitted to initially wanting Pickett to not “ball out.”

“I’ll beryllium wholly honest, I’ll beryllium ace transparent here, and I’m gonna get blasted. I astir apt shouldn’t opportunity this, but who cares astatine this point. I wouldn’t opportunity that I wanted Kenny to needfully fail, but erstwhile personification comes to switch you, I still consciousness for illustration I had it, I dream he doesn’t travel shot out. Because past it’s like, Ben who?” (h/t ESPN)

Big Ben past went connected to apologize to Pickett straight and authorities that he is now a instrumentality of nan young quarterback, citing Pickett’s activity ethic and talent.

Kenny Pickett forgives erstwhile Steelers teammate Ben Roethlisberger

Kenny Pickett accepted Roethlisberger’s apology pinch grace. From Brooke Pryor of ESPN, here’s really nan young QB responded to Big Ben’s comments: “He’s honest. He’s retired beforehand astir it, and he’s a instrumentality now and he’s pulling for america and it was really cool to perceive him opportunity that… I deliberation we’re conscionable going to proceed to build connected that relationship.”

For Pickett astatine least, it feels for illustration Big Ben’s issues are h2o nether nan bridge. Others astir nan league, however, person been little eager to forgive Roethlisberger. NFL Network’s Michael Robinson did not mince words connected nan matter.

“Big Ben, man, that’s whack, bro. I cognize it’s human, I get it, but that’s 1 of those things, M.J., wherever you’re like, I’m reasoning for illustration that, but those words don’t really find their measurement to travel retired of my rima and opportunity it astatine nan extremity of nan day. Because you don’t do that to a young quarterback. Ben wouldn’t person wanted anybody to do that to him erstwhile he was there.” via (h/t Steelers Depot)

Robinson understands nan toxicity specified attitudes tin lead to successful a locker room. Absolutely, Roethlisberger should not person acted nan measurement he did. That said, nan first measurement to fixing a problem is admitting you person one. Big Ben owned up to his antagonistic feelings, grew from them, and is now vocally supportive of Pickett.

As Robinson notes, Ben’s feelings are human. It’s earthy to consciousness pridefulness aliases jealously. Roethlisberger is surely not nan first seasoned QB to beryllium displeased pinch his team’s determination to prioritize a younger option. Aaron Rodgers went done nan aforesaid shape pinch Jordan Love successful Green Bay. Heck, it’s well-known that Tom Brady was not a immense instrumentality of Jimmy Garopollo successful New England.

This feels for illustration a non-issue astatine this point. If anything, we should respect Ben’s honesty and admit his expertise to people correct.

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