Stevie Nicks Remembers ‘Angel’ Victims of Uvalde School Shooting One Year Later

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"I will ne'er beryllium capable to fto this go," wrote nan singer-songwriter.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks performs onstage astatine SoFi Stadium connected March 10, 2023 successful Inglewood, Calif. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is paying tribute to nan young victims whose lives were taken successful nan Robb Elementary School shooting, which took spot precisely 1 twelvemonth agone successful her location authorities of Texas.

On Wednesday (May 24), nan Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter marked nan Uvalde massacre’s one-year day pinch a heartfelt missive titled “THE LOST FUTURES OF UVALDE,” posted connected her Twitter. Reminiscing connected increasing up and discovering her passions for euphony and creation arsenic a kid successful El Paso, she mourned nan truth that 19 fourth-graders from a metropolis conscionable a fewer hours distant from her hometown will ne'er get nan chance to do nan aforesaid pursuing past spring’s tragedy, which remains 1 of nan deadliest schoolhouse shootings connected record.

“As we ponder nan one-year day of Uvalde, and nan myriad of shootings that person happened since that fateful day, I can’t thief but inquire myself, what if I had been changeable and killed by a man pinch a weapon while successful my ballet people successful 3rd grade?” she wrote. “And I can’t thief but deliberation of each those small mislaid futures.”

Since Uvalde, which resulted successful a full of 21 deaths and 18 injuries, BBC News reports that astatine slightest 600 much wide shootings person taken spot crossed nan country. Texas, meanwhile, has moved to widen entree to firearms successful nan past year.

“My arms spell astir each 1 of those small hearts for illustration a ringing of angels that will ever beryllium missing,” Nicks concluded her message. “I will ne'er beryllium capable to fto this go. If anything, I will do each I tin to support this communicative alive.”

The “Edge of Seventeen” vocalist besides spoke out past twelvemonth soon aft nan shooting transpired, pinch a akin missive posted to her Twitter. “No 1 is trying to return distant guns from group who get them for a bully reason,” she wrote astatine nan time. “Guns are not toys. Background checks are not that hard.”

Read Nicks’ station successful afloat below.

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