Student Stabbed After AI Weapons Scanner Missed Knife

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If it isn’t broken, don’t switch it pinch AI—especially erstwhile it comes to metallic detectors. This past October, a precocious schoolhouse student successful New York was stabbed pinch a weapon that nan school’s AI weapons scanner grounded to detect.

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According to BBC, nan stabbing occurred astatine Proctor High School successful Utica, New York past Halloween and nan 18-year-old suffered stab wounds to nan head, neck, shoulder, back, and hand. Prior to nan stabbing, nan precocious schoolhouse invested successful a multimillion dollar AI weapons discovery strategy from a institution called Evolv Technology. That weapons scanner grounded to observe nan 9-inch weapon brought into nan school, which was past utilized successful nan stabbing.

“There’s an pandemic of schools buying caller exertion based connected audacious trading claims, past uncovering retired it has hidden flaws, often millions of dollars later,” said Connor Healy to nan BBC. Healy is simply a head astatine nan information investigation patient TVPM. “Evolv is 1 of nan worst offenders. School officials are not method experts connected weapons detection, and companies for illustration Evolv profit from their ignorance.”

Evolv did not instantly return Gizmodo’s petition for comment.

The Utica City School District reportedly purchased Evolv systems for nan district’s 13 schools past March and nan detectors were installed complete nan summertime break. Brian Nolan, superintendent, told BBC that since nan stabbing, 3 much knives person been recovered connected students that were not primitively detected by nan AI weapons scanner. The scanners person been removed from Proctor High School and replaced by metallic detectors but are apparently still being utilized successful nan district’s 12 different schools.

“The kids [who had nan knives] each said they walked correct done nan weapons discovery system, we asked them astir that… it truly, genuinely does not find knives,” Nolan told nan BBC.

As nan outlet points out, Evolv’s website antecedently plastered nan motto “Weapons-Free Zones” crossed its homepage. That connection changed pursuing nan stabbing to “Our Mission: Safe Zones” and past again, much recently, to “Our Mission: Safer Zones.” Evolv’s ngo is to switch accepted metallic detectors pinch scanners powered by AI, and according to a erstwhile merchandise from nan company, its systems were capable to detect knives.

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