Sudden infant death syndrome may have a biological cause

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The information whitethorn astatine slightest partially beryllium caused by insufficient binding of a neurotransmitter to receptors successful nan brainstem

By Jacklin Kwan

Sudden babe decease syndrome whitethorn partially beryllium caused by reduced binding of nan neurotransmitter serotonin to receptors successful nan little brainstem

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Researchers whitethorn person identified a biologic system down abrupt babe decease syndrome (SIDS). A amended knowing of nan condition’s causes could thief scientists to create a trial that predicts a baby’s SIDS risk.

SIDS occurs erstwhile an apparently patient babe dies unexpectedly, usually during nan first six months of their life while they are asleep. Why it occurs is unknown, but is thought to see a operation of factors, specified arsenic a baby’s improvement and their biology exposures, specified arsenic to cigaret smoking.

To study more, Robin Haynes at Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts, and her colleagues analysed the brainstems of 70 deceased infants, of whom 58 died of SIDS and 12 died of different causes. Among nan babies who died of SIDS, nan researchers identified differences successful really nan neurotransmitter serotonin bound to their alleged 5-HT2A/C receptors, recovered successful nan little brainstem.

In rodents, these receptors person been linked to protective functions during sleep, specified arsenic nan expertise to respond to debased oxygen levels by gasping aliases waking up.

Among nan babies who died of SIDS, location was reduced serotonin binding to nan 5-HT2A/C receptors aliases nan binding didn’t summation arsenic expected arsenic nan infants sewage older, compared pinch nan babies who died of non-SIDS causes, says Haynes.

These differences whitethorn harvester pinch different biologic and biology factors, specified arsenic an infant’s sleeping position, to summation their consequence of SIDS, opportunity nan researchers.

Better knowing nan various mechanisms that tin lead to SIDS, specified arsenic potential genetic abnormalities, could 1 time thief scientists create a trial that predicts an infant’s risk, says Haynes. In nan meantime, parents should adhere to sleep-safe protocols, specified arsenic laying infants connected their backs and keeping blankets distant from their heads, opportunity nan researchers.

“I deliberation 1 of nan things that’s go clear is that, dissimilar different things, SIDS is not owed to 1 abnormality successful 1 physiological system, but is an interaction,” says Thomas Keens astatine Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The truth that nan study recovered that immoderate of nan babies who died from SIDS didn’t person accrued serotonin binding arsenic they aged could explicate why these deaths often hap betwixt 2 and 4 months of age, he says, arsenic this is erstwhile infants acquisition accelerated changes successful their breathing control.


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