Superconducting ‘fluxonium’ is the longest lasting qubit ever

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A fluxonium qubit tin support its astir useful quantum properties for astir 1.48 milliseconds, drastically longer than akin qubits presently favoured by nan quantum computing industry

By Karmela Padavic-Callaghan

Fluxonium qubits could make quantum computers much useful

Bartlomiej K. Wroblewski/Alamy

A superconducting qubit, aliases quantum bit, has surgery nan grounds for really agelong it tin support its quantum properties. Extending this clip will make early quantum computers much useful.

The first measurement successful building a quantum computer is choosing really to make its cardinal ingredients, called qubits. One celebrated choice, championed by investigation labs and manufacture players such arsenic IBM and Google, is nan transmon superconducting qubit. But for illustration each qubits, these tin become ineffective astatine storing and processing accusation aft a …

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