Swifties Flip Out Over Taylor Swift ‘Karma’ Remix With Ice Spice: ‘TAYSPICE COMING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD’

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The rising rapper's loyal Munchkins joined successful nan ceremony online.

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Ice Spice presents nan Song of nan Year grant to Taylor Swift onstage during nan 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards astatine Dolby Theatre successful Los Angeles, California connected March 27, 2023. Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Taylor Swift had a awesome astonishment up her sleeve connected Wednesday (May 24) erstwhile she announced her forthcoming “Karma” remix pinch Ice Spice, and nan Swifties are reeling pinch nan news.

The collab pinch nan rising rapper is only 1 portion of nan astonishment too: The superstar is besides releasing an updated type of “Snow connected nan Beach” pinch Lana Del Rey connected Midnights (Til Dawn Edition), featuring moreover much vocals from Del Rey. “Hits Different” — which was primitively only disposable arsenic a prize trim connected nan Target version of Midnights — rounds retired nan way database connected nan deluxe version of nan album.

“TAYSPICE COMING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD,” 1 Swiftie wrote upon reference nan news of nan collab’s imminent unveiling connected Friday (May 26) astatine midnight, while different commented, “THIS WAS SO NOT ON MY BINGO CARD I’M-…”

Plenty of Ice Spice’s loyal Munchkins besides added their 2 cents astir Swift tapping their favourite rapper for a duet. “& y’all said Ice Spice would beryllium a 1 deed wonder,” 1 instrumentality relationship wrote supra a clip from her caller “Princess Diana” euphony video pinch Nicki Minaj. A 2nd utilized a funny gif from Broad City to show really proud they were of nan caller Billboard screen star, writing, “ICE SPICE BABY GWORL IM SO PROUD OF YOU. Been rooting for you heavy…THIS IS MONUMENTAL.”

This weekend, Swift will play 3 sold retired shows astatine MetLife Stadium extracurricular of New York City, wherever she’ll person a typical Midnights CD featuring different vault way titled “You’re Losing Me.”

Read immoderate of nan champion Swiftie reactions to Tay’s Ice Spice collab below.


— viviana (fan) (@repmiIas) May 24, 2023


— rate (taylor’s version) 🪴 (@cashaustin_) May 24, 2023

Taylor, you NEVER neglect to astonishment aliases amaze us. I mean you’re still connected tour, already released a deluxe version of Midnights, person each your albums charting connected nan Billboard 200, Speak Now TV is little than 2 months distant and someway you managed to propulsion this retired of your sleeves 😭.…

— steven ❀ // doja’s favourite 🙂 (@arianaunext) May 24, 2023

so we're getting nan Karma MV, much lana connected SOTB and you're losing maine each astatine erstwhile connected friday?? is it a daydream??

— Ana (Taylor's Version)🌌 (@anngri7) May 24, 2023

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