Takeoff's Alleged Killer Indicted for Murder In Migos Rapper's Shooting Death

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Takeoff Alleged Killer Indicted For Murder

5/25/2023 1:57 PM PT


Takeoff's alleged killer, Patrick Xavier Clark, has conscionable been formally charged pinch execution successful nan Migos rapper's shooting death

A Texas expansive assemblage indicted Clark connected execution charges Thursday ... nan Harris County District Attorney's Office told KHOU.



As you cognize ... Takeoff was changeable and killed backmost successful November extracurricular a Houston bowling alley, wherever he was partying pinch Quavo. What started retired arsenic a ceremony turned into an argument, which led to a beingness altercation and yet a fatal shooting.

Houston PD arrested Clark successful December, accusing him of firing nan fatal shots.

Remember ... nan coroner's study said Takeoff was changeable successful nan caput and nan torso. Police opportunity Takeoff was not equipped and he was an guiltless bystander erstwhile he was deed by gunfire.

Patrick Clark

As we reported ... Clark was released from nan Harris County Jail successful early January aft posting $1 cardinal bond.

TMZ collapsed nan communicative ... Clark has already asked a judge for $5,000 to prosecute a backstage interrogator to decently hole his defense, claiming he's financially incapable to screen nan costs of hiring a P.I. connected his own.

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