Taking This Common Sleep Aid Could Be Harming Your Gut, Study Finds

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Jenny Fant
Jenny Fant

mbg Health Contributor

By Jenny Fant

mbg Health Contributor

Jenny is simply a San Francisco-based mbg contributor, contented designer, and ambiance & sustainability communications specialist. She is simply a postgraduate of nan University of California Santa Barbara. An avid open-water swimmer, Jenny has worked for patient surviving and nutrition brands for illustration Sun Basket, Gather Around Nutrition, and Territory Foods.

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May 23, 2023

If you’re for illustration almost half of Americans, you’re nary alien to slumber deprivation. And if you’re for illustration any basking woman connected TikTok, you person tummy issues. A recent study retired of Brazil1 looked astatine really taking melatonin successful nan hopes of improving slumber could beryllium affecting your gut microbiome. Here's what to know.


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Mice connected melatonin

Researchers were willing successful really taking melatonin mightiness support gut wellness and gut microbiomes, arsenic it has been suggested to beryllium perchance adjuvant for inflammation. What they found, though not wholly conclusive, did not bode good for that hypothesis.

The study focused connected mice pinch varying levels of dysbiosis and really melatonin supplementation affected their microbiome and gut inflammation levels. While nan authors recovered immoderate anti-inflammatory effects successful nan short word connected definite gut conditions, they besides recovered important grounds that melatonin had an inflammatory effect connected nan gut, especially pinch longer-term use.

These first findings are adjuvant successful pointing subject successful nan correct direction, but further studies—especially ones that look astatine nan effect successful humans—are needed to opportunity thing conclusive.

The subject connected supplementation

Health experts person go progressively vocal astir nan value of value slumber for a balanced, patient routine. Melatonin is simply a hormone that our bodies people nutrient to thief modulate our slumber cycles. And while supplementation of melatonin has go comparatively communal successful nan past decade, experts pass against regular use.

And astatine nan aforesaid time, gastrointestinal conditions for illustration (IBS) proceed to beryllium a major interest for galore of us2, especially women. With always-growing grounds pointing to our microbiome wellness being essential for gut health, encephalon health, immune function, illness prevention, and truthful overmuch more, it’s surely not thing we want to messiness with. 

There are plenty of ways to support your microbiome, and cutting backmost connected melatonin mightiness conscionable beryllium 1 of them according to this caller animal research.


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Safer ways to snooze

If saying goodbye to your nightly melatonin has you stressing, don’t fret. There are plentifulness of expert-backed strategies and supplements to get you falling (and staying!) dormant successful nary time.

Watch nan caffeine: Our cup (or three…) of greeting java has proven wellness benefits, but make judge you’re getting it early successful your day. Everyone has a different caffeine tolerance, but if you’re noticing immoderate slumber disruption, commencement moving your cut-off clip further back.

Supplement safely: If you’re hooked connected melatonin, this guide will thief you slow wean yourself disconnected it truthful you tin switch it pinch safer sleep supplements featuring non-hormonal ingredients. Magnesium is 1 that galore experts recommend.

Embrace nan sunshine: A amended night’s slumber really starts nan infinitesimal you aftermath up. Science tells us that getting sunlight first point successful nan greeting helps modulate our soul clocks, supporting well-timed slumber signals astatine night.

Create a slumber sanctuary: You’ll slumber astir soundly erstwhile your chamber is stress-free, without excessively overmuch clutter aliases distraction, and well-protected from sound and light. 


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The takeaway

Scientists looked into melatonin arsenic a imaginable therapeutic supplement for gut inflammation and early results do not look good. In fact, they recovered grounds to nan contrary. So if you struggle pinch slumber aliases tummy issues (or both), see avoiding this supplement and opting for expert-backed strategies and supplements that are easier connected your microbiome.

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