Taylor Swift Brings Out Surprise Guest Ice Spice for ‘Karma’ Remix Live Debut

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The Eras Tour deed New Jersey's MetLife Stadium for nan first of 3 sold-out shows connected Friday night.

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Ice Spice presents nan Song of nan Year grant to Taylor Swift onstage during nan 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards astatine Dolby Theatre successful Los Angeles, California connected March 27, 2023. Getty Images for iHeartRadio

Less than a time aft releasing nan expanded caller type of her Billboard 200-topping medium Midnights, Taylor Swift took nan shape astatine New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium connected Friday (May 26) for nan first of 3 sold-out shows astatine nan venue. Aside from a three-hour group afloat of monolithic hits and beloved heavy cuts (which fans person travel to expect connected her blockbuster Eras Tour), Swift brought retired a astonishment impermanent who helped bring nan nighttime to a raucous close.

Ice Spice, who features connected a remix of nan kismet bop “Karma” from Midnights (Til Dawn Edition), came retired astatine nan extremity of nan nighttime to execute her verse alongside Swift.

The “Princess Diana” rapper made a royal entrance, emerging onstage from below. Ice and Swift strutted astir nan shape holding hands, pinch nan rapper patting her hairsbreadth confidently aft delivering her verse. As confetti fell astatine nan extremity of nan concert, nan brace had their arms astir each other. Spice — who was raised successful nan Bronx, conscionable crossed nan Hudson River – seemed assured and successful bid arsenic she played to nan largest crowd of her burgeoning career.

Earlier successful nan night, Swift besides amazed nan crowd pinch nan premiere of nan cinematic euphony video for nan remix, and erstwhile she introduced nan visuals, she explained really nan collab pinch Ice came together.

“At nan very opening of nan year, erstwhile I was conscionable starting to train for this tour, I sewage reached retired to by Ice Spice,” Swift said. “She reached retired and said, ‘If you’d ever for illustration to do a collab, I would emotion to.’ And what she didn’t cognize astatine nan clip is that erstwhile I was training for nan tour, I was listening to beautiful overmuch exclusively conscionable her euphony each azygous day. All day. … So I said, ‘Absolutely, erstwhile tin we do it?’ So we instantly went into nan workplace and I conscionable not only fell successful emotion pinch her, but conscionable decided she’s nan full future. … I’ve been astir truthful galore artists and truthful galore artists conscionable starting out, but I’ve ne'er been astir an creator who’s truthful prepared and funny and focused connected what she wants.”

Prior to nan “Karma” remix dropping, Swift praised Ice Spice’s artistry: “I’m a monolithic instrumentality of this superb creator and aft getting to cognize her I tin confirm: she is THE ONE to watch.”

Spice covered Billboard mag earlier this period and talked astir her accelerated emergence to fame complete nan past 2 years. “Right now, I’m focused connected music,” she told Billboard. “I’m still learning a lot, to beryllium honest. But I’m truthful happy I’ve put successful that clip and that activity — because it’s paying off.”

Swift plays 2 much dates astatine MetLife Stadium arsenic portion of her Eras Tour, which Billboard Boxscore reports is connected way to beryllium nan biggest trading circuit of her career.

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