Taylor Swift Debuts Music Video for Ice Spice ‘Karma’ Remix at MetLife Eras Tour Stop: Watch

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The stunning ocular dropped online for each Swifties to bask astatine midnight.

Taylor Swift and Ice Spice

Taylor Swift and Ice Spice successful 'Karma' remix visualizer Courtesy

Twenty-four hours aft Taylor Swift debuted her Ice Spice-powered “Karma” remix, she’s unleashed nan euphony video for nan Midnights (Til Dawn Edition) collaboration at, of course, midnight.

The first fortunate Swifties to spot nan video were nan tens of thousands of fans astatine Friday’s (May 26) first of 3 Eras Tour stops astatine MetLife Stadium successful East Rutherford, N.J. (And that wasn’t all: They besides sewage nan unrecorded debut of nan remix erstwhile Ice Spice joined Swift arsenic a typical guest to extremity nan night.)

The video is packed pinch stunning visuals, pinch Swift wrong an hourglass that shifts sideways to move into her perfectly lined feline eye, to Swift’s caput lying connected a feline coiled up successful nan style of nan moon. Ice Spice gets successful connected nan cinematography too, including her trademark reddish curls morphing into a fluffy cloud, rapping from a aureate clamshell, and Ice and Taylor lassoing various celestial bodies. Swift moreover turns into a tree-covered upland scope successful 1 scene.

The icy caller remix is from nan just-released Midnights (Til Dawn Edition), a deluxe type of her blockbuster November medium that included nan eight-week No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 deed “Anti-Hero.” In summation nan caller rap-infused “Karma,” Til Dawn besides has a “More Lana Del Rey” type of “Snow connected nan Beach.” Some editions besides see nan caller opus “You’re Losing Me,” which is disposable connected nan CD type of nan medium for waste on-site astatine The Eras circuit stops astatine MetLife Stadium this play and became disposable for integer acquisition precocious Friday too.

Watch nan “Karma” remix video pinch Ice Spice below:

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